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Weekend Getaway in Las Vegas

I absolutely love weekend getaways! They are the perfect combination between the low-budget and the urge to go somewhere. So, how about planning to head to Las Vegas in October ? This month is absolutely great to visit Sin City. The weather is great for exploring the outdoors and to enjoy golfing.

So how much would a 3 day trip to Las Vegas cost? Assuming you depart from Miami on October 15 (Friday) and head back home on October 17, 2010 (Sunday), a round trip flight starts at $347 per person (on American Airlines). Cheap flights to Vegas can be found especially if you take advantage of the web-only offers and if you have saved up enough miles to get discounts. As for the accommodation, you can find rooms starting at $75 per night, right on Freemont Street.

You might argue that 3days in Las Vegas aren’t enough to explore the city. True, but we have a hunch you’ll be too busy to gamble, shop and check out the rides at different hotels to notice that you haven’t exactly managed to visit something else.

In case you don’t exactly fall for the gambling, shows and the nightlife, rent a car and head to Hoover Dam. This can be an excellent day trip (for a Saturdays, for example). Or you can try your luck at golfing for a change.

Las Vegas has a lot to offer, regardless of what you are looking for. It’s perfect for those looking for thrills and those looking for romance. Plus, the nightlife is amazing and there are quite a lot of shows to check out.