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Visiting Disney World in March

disney-world-cinderellaSimply put there isn’t a single time to visit Disney World. Florida weather is mild and for those who live in a temperate climate, the winters in Florida are similar to nice summer months in cooler places. However, if you plan to save some money and avoid the crowds, it’s best not to look for cheap flights to Orlando during Christmas, New Years and major American holidays.

March is a nice month to visit Disney World although the parks tend to be busy during Spring Break. The weather stays in the mid to upper 70s. And if you are looking for a special reason to plan your vacation in March, then you should know that St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated at Pleasure Island. And if you are a fan of country music then the Country Music Month at EPCOT should please you.

You can look for Disney World vacation deals when starting to plan your getaway especially since the Spring Break is always a good reason to create special packages. Of course the crowds opting for a Spring Break here are different then those who head to Mexico.

It’s always a good idea to plan in advance, regardless of when you plan to travel. Typically, two to six weeks before your planned departure date you can find the cheapest airfare. And once you’ve nailed the flight, you can look for Disney World hotels . Many of them offer excellent facilities, including pools and fitness centers. And if you rent an apartment, you’ll save quite a lot of money by avoiding eating at the restaurants within the parks. Especially if you travel with friends or if have kids, choosing an apartment allows for a less stressful vacation, as you are free to choose the time when you have breakfast and when you get back to the hotel.

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