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Vacation Rentals

Many people over look the idea of a vacation rental in Florida. When planning a vacation to Florida, most families simply go straight for the hotels. This is natural, most people who have never looked into vacation rentals would assume that hotels are cheaper than a vacation rental. But, you know what they say about people who assume.

Short of large mansions and beach front houses close to the action, vacation rentals in Florida are around the same price as a decent hotel.

Why Vacation Rentals are Cheap
After doing some researching and finding out that many vacation rentals are as cheap as some hotels, one has to wonder why. The answer is pretty simple. Most of the vacation rental house are actually houses owned by people who live out of the state and simply use the house as their own vacation house when in the state.

As such, they rent out the house while they are not using it to cover some of the costs involved in owning the house. The way the owners look at is, “why not make a few extra bucks while I’m not using the house?” This lets you be able to have all the creature comforts of home without having to mess with burdens of hotels crowds, finding parking, and strict check in and checkout times.

Who are Vacation Rentals For?
Vacation rentals in Florida can work well for any kind of traveler from a single business person to large multi-family traveling packs. However, the two types of travelers that will benifit the most from these vacation rentals are families with young children and large multi-family groups like that of a family reunion.

Families with small children are sure to appreciate have a home during their vacation and not a hotel. A private home allows you not to have to worry about your children bothering or disturbing other guest. It also means that you will have a full size kitchen that is stocked with pots, pans, and eating utensils. This is something you certainly wont find in any hotel or resort.

In the end, vacation rentals can actually save you a lot of money as long as you dont mind cooking or eating at the house when you can. Even if you only ate breakfast at the house every morning before you embark on your adventures for the day, you will uncountably save enough money to pay for the overpriced food at the theme parks.