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Typhoon Lagoon Orlando

1163304957_695bd015d9If you enjoy experiencing water rides of every type and getting wet on a warm day, Typhoon Lagoon Orlando in unmatched as a place to go for one day or for several. Typhoon Lagoon has some very innovative water rides. Thrilling, speedy downhill rides will please the adventurous members of your family, while the less-adventurous will find plenty of tamer activities. You may find that Typhoon lagoon will be your favorite attraction in the vast Walt Disney World compound in Orlando. You should plan on spending the whole day there. Fortunately, there are two food service locations on the Typhoon Lagoon grounds, Leaning Palms and Typhoon Tilly’s. Leaning Palms offers burgers, chili/cheese dogs, chicken and tuna sandwiches, pizza, french fries and ice cream. Some of the favorites at Typhoon Tilly’s are the Caesar salad, BBQ pork, chicken wraps and chicken tenders. Typhoon Tllly’s also has fries and ice cream novelties.

What to Expect

Typhoon Lagoon’s most famous facility is the surf pool, a technological marvel that produces incredibly realistic waves. A roaring noise builds, simulating a storm coming in. The anticipation in the swimmers is palpable as the waves approach and crash down. One safety note: between waves, there are varying levels of chop. Some stages are severe, and the water is deep near the wave source. While the lifeguards are watchful, this is a very large pool with many people in it, and heavily chopping water can result in water in a person’s airwaves. Youngsters and non-swimmers should stay close in.

Shark reef is a beautiful facility where customers pick up snorkel gear and swim through a pool with sharks (they are separated by a wall of thick glass) and beautiful fish of all colors. This pool has fairly cold water, which is refreshing on a hot day.

A relaxing way to see the sights is to ride Castaway Creek on a tube. The current is very mellow, carrying the rider around a large circular area, with several entry/exit points. it’s best to note a landmark when you enter if you want to be sure to get out at the same point.

Ketchakiddee Creek is a nice water play area for small children.

Crush N Gusher is a ride that provides a lot of fun for all ages. One, two, or three person vessels skim down one of three water tubes with plenty of twists and turns and a couple of jumps. After whipping through the tunnels, riders emerge into a wide pool – most go back for more!

The Storm Slides are three twisting down-shoots in which the rider rides the water on their backsides, with no vessel. This is another exciting way to get wet. It is safe enough to be an all-ages ride, suitable for even young children. Gang Plank Falls is another all-ages facility, holding 2-4 riders in a rubber raft for a spinning trip down the flume.

Probably the most thrilling ride is the Humunga Kowabunga which has a size limit for of 48 inches. This is a 5-story drop that propels the participant at up to 30 miles per hour. This ride is worth all the step climbing to get to the top.

Tips for Visiting

It goes without saying that you should definitely wear a bathing suit, flip-flops or sandals, and sunglasses. Sunlight reflected off the water and walkways can be very bright as you walk from ride to ride. It pays to arrive early so you can get some rides in early. This is a very popular attraction.

For the same reason, you may want to visit the Disney complex and Typhoon Lagoon in an off-peak period of the year. The safety note regarding the surf pool is important. The other rides in the park seem to be very safe, although you should be in good cardiovascular health to climb up the Kowabunga hill.

Typhoon Lagoon is truly a great place for families and friends to spend the day!