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Travel Guide

Florida is an awesome vacation destination simply because it has so much to offer. Really, Florida is like its own little country. Want to live like a superstar? Head down to South Beach. Looking for a great family vacation spot? Orlando is the place you to be. Want a slower beach side city with plenty of history? Head north to St. Augustine.

Flights to Florida

Thanks to the advent of all the online book websites, finding a cheap ticket to Florida has never been easier. Unless you are planning an all inclusive vacation that includes airfare, these websites are the way to go. You save tons of money if you book well in advance.

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Where to stay in Florida

Thanks to Florida’s celebrity status as a vacation spot, there is no shortage of great accommodations. The wealth of hotels, hostels, and resorts allow for vacationers to find the accommodation that’s right for them and fits their budget. If you cant find a hotel you like in Florida that fits in your budget, you aren’t looking hard enough.

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Getting around Florida

The majority of visitors to Florida come from the East coast. As cuh, many of them drive and have no real need to seek out other travel arrangements. If you aren’t driving to Florida however, there are still plenty of ways to get around.

Renting a car is always and option and is easy to do. You can usually make a reservation for a rental car when you book your flight online. Rental cars are easy to pick up at the major airports as well.

If you are staying at a resort close to the airport, odds are they offer some sort of free shuttle service. Resorts and hotels close to major theme parks usually have some sort of shuttle service to and from the parks.

Free Things to Do
Not every one comes to Florida to visit the theme parks. If you are a visitor Florida on a budget, or just a local looking for something free to do; this list will help. Below, we have showcased free things to do in some of the most popular cities in Florida.

Free Things To Do In Miami
Free Things to Do in Orlando