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Top Dog Parks in Florida

happy-dog-on-flickr-photo-sharing_1242940411368As a loving dog owner, it is sad how few places there are out there designated for you and your dog to enjoy the outdoors freely. Sure, off leash areas are a nice oasis for your dog to enjoy some time playing with others. but what about when you want somewhere to enjoy the time with your dog outdoors? Below are a collection of places where you and your four legged friends can enjoy the outdoors together. These are a few of most popular dog parks in the state of Florida. Hopefully there is one near you!

Dog Wood Park

It is located in Jacksonville and is said by many to be the largest dog park ever! What dog would not love that? This wonderful god park has 25 fenced acres that include some of the best walking trails for your dog. They have an agility course for those animals that just to work out! It also has an enormous lake for the dogs that love to swim or play some type of water sport with their owner. The lake comes with a doggie lifeguard just in case something should happen, you can never be to careful. When it comes to visiting here on the weekends, there can be up to fifty dogs at time swimming and playing in the lake! The amazing Dog Wood Park offers owners baths for after play time so they can give them a proper bath and be clean for the ride or walk home. For just a small extra fee the park provides the necessities such as shampoo, towels and and the tub itself, should you forget to bring it along with you. Should you want to bring your beloved pet to this amazing park you should be prepared to pay an admission fee. The is small a 10.00, which really is not bad, should you bring extra dogs then you just pay an 1.00 per animal that is brought along. Should you be permanent resident of Florida you can pay a bigger fee to join the club for a year that consists of just a couple hundred dollars, but if you are person who enjoys taking your dog to the park it is definitely worth it!

Lake Ida Dog Park

The park is located in in the town of Delray, Florida. Compared to Dog Wood Park it is quite a bit smaller but just is just as fun for your dog. This part is only in 2 1/2 acres, that is enough room for the dogs to run and have the fun that they deserve though. It is a great place to just take the leash off your dog and let him go! There are quite a few dogs there on the weekends compares to during th week. There are couple of little benches and shaded areas of the park that are prefect for the dog owners to sit and relax and watch their dogs play. This park also offers an area that you can rinse your dogs or give them a bath before heading home. The most wonderful part about this park is that it is absolutely free.

Davis Island Dog Park

The park is located in Tampa, on one of the most beautiful places ever called Davis Island, it is just a short distance from Tampa Bay. When visiting this park you will be hit with two different choices as to where you want your dog to play. One of the areas is a nice fenced grassy area where your god can run and play and the other option that is also fenced is stretch of the beach on Tampa Bay where your dog can swim and run and play also. This location is also free for pet owners and is in one of the nicest locations. After a long day of running and playing in the hot sun your dog can simply take a dip in the bay to cool off and then relax.

Flamingo Park

This great park for dogs is located in Miami Beach, Florida. This park is great for dogs of all sizes and breads. They offer a great area of urban activity and great people watching. Should you be more interested in letting your dog off of it’s leash there is fenced off-leash area that is located just behind the paddle ball courts. This area allows your dog to run free and get the exercise that it needs.

Flamingo Bark Park

This park is located in South Beach Florida in South Beach Beach Flamingo park. The are two great areas in this park that are located next to each other for your dog. While one side is closed for simple maintenance and repairs the other remains open and the dog are allowed to run free, both sides have plenty of water available for the dogs to drink when needing to take a break. This great park does however, close at midnight but reopens the next day.

Indian Rocks Beach Nature Preserve Dog Park

This amazing little park is located at Indian Rocks Beach, Florida, between 8th and 9th avenues. This park is just a small fenced in area of the of the Indian Rocks Nature Preserve. Should you not be a resident of the area you are charged a 50.00 non-resident fee to sue this park. This amazing park offers walk paths, drinking fountains for dogs and owners and also bathrooms. This beautiful park only operates from dawn until dusk of every day.