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Top Beach Front Bars in Florida

251589282_b9657816b7If you ask me, the only way to really enjoy Florida is to enjoy a beer, or several, at a nice beach side bar. If not a beach, than at least some sort of bar on a nice waterway. But the beach side bars are the best. Mix in some live music with the salty air, cool drinks, and a nice sunset and life can’t get any better. I have been to my fair share of beachfront bars, I assure you know. While many of them tend to have the same basic atmosphere, there are a few that are a little more trendy and upscale. So if you are looking for a romantic beach side bar, they have those too!

Here are some of my favorite beach side bars in Florida:

Chase’s Beachfront Bar

Chase’s Beachfront Bar in New Smyrna, Florida offers great food with an American flair, live music on weekend’s, and a great beach view. New Smyrna Beach is located south of Daytona and within an easy driving distance to all of Central Florida’s attractions.

Ocean Deck Restaurant and Beach Club

Ocean Deck Restaurant and Beach Club in Daytona, Florida is the only beachfront nightclub in the region to offer nightly reggae and an extensive menu (including specialty mixed drinks.) This popular hot spot has a laid back dress code, the right price for food, and is right on the ocean with soothing music that creates the Caribbean atmosphere of the islands.

Robbie O’Connor’s Pub

Robbie O’Connor’s Pub is also in Daytona, Florida located on Seabreeze Avenue very close to the beach. The rave reviews from the patrons give it top marks for food, atmosphere, and beer (and close proximity to the beach area). This is a great place that locals like to frequent to avoid the hoards of tourists that may overcrowd other hotspots. This off the beaten path gem is a must taste for any Irish pub loving enthusiast. On the second Friday of each month, the pub has a beer tasting between 6 and 8 pm. The regulars enjoy the variety of offerings on the menu as well as the true Irish flavor of the surroundings.

Cabana Grill

Cabana Grill is located in Clearwater, Florida on Sand Key overlooking a stretch of pristine beach. It is home to the Sunset Bar that features a happy hour Wednesday through Friday as well as live music. In addition to fresh seafood fare and specialty drinks, there are light fare menu items for those with special dietary requirements. Sand Key is a barrier island just off the west coast of Florida.

Palm Pavilion Bar and Grill

Palm Pavilion Bar and Grill is in Clearwater, Florida. This casual dining restaurant is right on the Gulf of Mexico. The menu offerings include seafood, wraps, ribs, and pasta. There is something tasty for everyone in the group at this beachfront bar featuring cool tropical drinks.

Hammerhead Fred’s

Hammerhead Fred’s is in Panama City, Florida located on the beach across from Spinnaker’s. It is world famous for its casual dining atmosphere, good food and frozen drinks.

Shuckum’s Oyster Bar and Grill

Shuckum’s Oyster Bar and Grill in Panama City, Florida was started as an oyster bar back in 1967 by two brothers from Alabama. Today it is a must taste for every one who loves fresh seafood. The restaurant started with seating for 30 back in the day to seating for 300 today. This includes a space for live music and a gift shop.

Aaria Lounge

Aaria Lounge is located in Miami, Florida on the ocean. This upscale bar serves sushi, sashimi, and other Japanese delicacies. It is part of the Acqualina Resort and Spa.

Top of the Falls

Top of the Falls, in Miami, Florida, is one of the newest franchises in the Alexander Hotel. This elegant, open air restaurant serves American cuisine overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.


Seabreeze, also in Miami, Florida, serves thick juicy burgers and fresh seafood. It is just down the street from Top of the Falls. They overlook the ocean so that visitors can enjoy fresh tropical breezes with their goodies.

Gili’s Bar and Grill

Gili’s Bar and Grill is located in Trump’s International Beach Resort on Sunny Isles, Florida (which is in Miami). They have light fare and tropical drinks as well as sand, surf, and fun by the pool.

Landshark Café

Landshark Café in Neptune Beach, Florida is located near Jacksonville Beach. In addition to have live music and light fare, this popular destination features casual dining within walking distance of the beach.

Crab Cake Factory

Crab Cake Factory, just down the block from the Landshark Café, features tropical drinks, sensational seafood and a tropical atmosphere.

Eleven Bistro and Bar

Eleven Bistro and Bar is also near Jacksonville Beach and provides a seasonal menu with signature dishes on a menu that is continually updated.

Wise Guy’s Restaurant and Bar

Wise Guy’s Restaurant and Bar is located in Jacksonville on Beach Blvd. Every Wednesday ladies drink free wine while enjoying the live jazz music. The menu is eclectic featuring fried pickles sprinkled with sugar.

Sloppy Joe’s Bar

Sloppy Joe’s Bar has been on the corner of Duval and Greene since 1937. Sloppy Joe’s starts with breakfast offerings at 9 am and continues the party until 2 am offering large drinks, good food, and a world famous atmosphere.

Captain Tony’s Saloon

Captain Tony’s Saloon is on 428 Greene Street and is also world famous for its cuisine, bar scene and laid back atmosphere. During 1928 to 1938 Sloppy Joe’s Bar was located at 428 Greene Street. This is the Sloppy Joe’s that Hemingway frequented with his friends.

Hog’s Breath Saloon

Hog’s Breath Saloon is world famous for its bar scene and nightlife with its world famous Homemade Bikini Contest. Then, of course, there is the beer, great food, and electric atmosphere.