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Tips to Plan Your Next Disney Vacation

Time for Disney vacation! Any of the Disney parks is great for creating unique and wonderful memories with your family. Sometimes though, vacations can be more stressful than fun, so here are a few tips to help you save money and stress!

Buying Tickets
First of all, buy your tickets during off season and in advance rather than at the gate. This increases your chances of finding discounts or package deals to make your life easier. Also consider “fast pass” deals that Disney provides. These can shorten the amount of time you spend waiting in line, which is always a plus!

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Although it can be really fun to stay on-site at a Disney resort, your experience probably won’t be any less if you just get a deal somewhere in town- it could even be within walking distance. This cuts your costs considerably.

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Be Prepared
Before you even arrive look at a map of the park so you have some idea of the rides you want to visit and how to get around. Also, if you go prepared with at least the basics, you won’t have to buy as much in the park unless you want to. Bring things like your own sunscreen, a towel, film, water bottles, and snacks so you don’t have to worry about overpriced park food. (Backpacks or strollers are excellent for carrying your gear!) You’ll save more money than you think!

It also helps if you budget specifically for souvenirs. Another great idea for parents is to make sure that you have something for your kids to do while you stand in line. Whether it’s a puzzle book, a paddle ball, or road trip games, it will help your children be good while you wait.

Don’t Over-Plan
Don’t over-schedule your activities. Leave a little room in there for unstructured time, instead of stressing over getting through the park and getting on to the next activity. Don’t tire yourself out- just have fun. Disney built his company around children and fun- and your vacation should be the same way!