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Time to plan your winter vacation

I am not exactly a fan of winter… actually, I could seriously declare myself a “hater” of winter, cold and snow (that’s despite being born in December). For me, hunting for winter travel deals means looking for cheap vacations to warm destinations. While my friends enjoy the powdery snow, I enjoy the warm weather, cocktails and packing a bikini for a winter vacation.

With October drawing to an end – by the way: where has this year flown?! – it’s definitely time to start planning the Christmas, New Year’s Eve and winter vacation. Or whichever you have a set budget for.

If you are looking for a warm escape, visiting Miami during your winter vacation is an excellent choice. Cheap flights to Miami are not hard to find, especially if you plan your escape in advance. Plus, the airlines often come up with excellent deals, so make sure to keep your eyes on their websites and sign up for their newsletter. I also like to hunt for deals on Twitter and Facebook.

If you start looking for Christmas flights now – depart December 23, return December 26 – a round trip flight from New York starts at $342 per person (on American Airlines).

With the flight planned, it’s time to look for accommodation. You can choose one of the cheap South Beach hotels , for example. You can book an apartment with fully equipped kitchen if you plan to travel with the gang. It’s cheaper to cook the meals yourself. Plus, it surely can be a lot of fun.

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