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Time to plan your next weekend getaway

I’m such of a fan of the weekend getaways! After a week of working, all I can think about is going somewhere fun and breaking the routine. Thanks to low cost carriers, nowadays, it’s affordable to just pack, hop in a plane and spend a weekend in a place which isn’t that easily reached by car (you don’t want to spend hours on the road, do you?)

There are quite a lot of flights under $300 from Miami to choose from and it’s totally up to you to decide what you want to do over the weekend. You might want to hop over the border in Mexico or stay within the United States.

New York is a lovely choice if you’ve got shopping, eating and Broadway shows on your mind. And the round trip flight is just $152 per person.

Or you can head to Atlanta ($165 RT) if you want to balance the southern traditions with a modern feel. You can choose the one day tour of the city if you want to see the important sights. Don’t forget to book a room in one of the cheap hotels in Atlanta . You can plan to get here during one of the many festivals, but make sure to book your flight and hotel in advance.

Other interesting destinations are : Seattle ($258 RT), Los Angeles ($268 RT) and Las Vegas ($300 RT). But regardless of where you plan to fly to don’t forget to book parking at Miami airport . You won’t only save money and time, but you’ll the car is safe until you get back home.

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