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Things to Do in Orlando

When people think of Orlando, Florida, major theme parks like Disney and Universal Studios immediately spring to mind. However, there are many other incredibly entertaining, exciting things to do in Orlando. Whether you seek some excitement and adventure, or just a relaxing day to get away from it all, Orlando is sure to have something that will fit the bill.

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One great example of a fun thing to do in Orlando is Gatorland. If you or your family members are animal lovers, then Gatorland is certain to be a major hit. Referred to as the “Alligator Capital of the World,” Gatorland is a very interesting park which combines the showcasing qualities of a major zoo with the entertainment and educational features of its many shows and demonstrations. There are entire portions of Gatorland which are basically open areas where alligators can roam in the wild – and visitors can observe them in their natural habitat!

A really neat feature about this attraction is an observation tower which reaches up more than three stories, and where you can observe the alligators down below from a very neat vantage point. Also, be sure not to miss the amazing Alligator Wrestlin’ show. This is where professional employees actually get up close and personal with real alligators. It is sure to be something you and your family will never forget! Gatorland is definitely a wonderful attraction and a must-see on any visit to Orlando.

Florida Mall

The Florida Mall is another great place to check out while you are visiting the Orlando area. It is convenient to know about this mall in the event of the random inclement weather which can sometimes sprout up in Florida. Instead of cooping the kids and family up in the hotel, head over to the Florida Mall. This mall boasts a wonderful selection of shops, including clothing, music, toy and many of the other usual stores one can find in most American malls.

There are many great dining options at the Florida Mall, as well, so you can shop and then grab a bite to eat at your own convenience. One particularly fascinating thing to do at this mall is called Adrenalina, where people can actually surf right inside the mall. There is also a neat M&M store, where you can purchase all kinds of different merchandise bearing the popular candy and its emblem. Whether you stop in one of these novelty shops or simply take the family in to find a bite to eat, the Florida Mall is a good place to know about in Orlando.

Lake Jesup

If you feel like getting out into some nature and have a picnic, try Lake Jesup. This is a popular place in the Orlando area to go fishing and boating, as well. Maybe while in Orlando you feel like just slowing down the pace and giving everybody in your traveling party a chance to catch their breath; then Lake Jesup is a great choice. Just hop in the car, shuttle bus or taxi and head over the lake.

Grab some picnic supplies and a blanket to lay out, and make a day of it! The kids will have fun splashing in the lake, and the adults can hang out and enjoy each others’ company along with some great food or a barbeque. It could be just what the doctor ordered!

SkyVenture Orlando

And for the adrenalin junkies in your traveling group, SkyVenture Orlando is a must-stop attraction. This is a place where you can experience how it feels to go skydiving, without ever actually leaving the ground! It is a simulation, but so realistic you will swear it was the real thing. In fact, actual skydivers use this attraction to practice their various tricks and maneuvers.

SkyVenture Orlando uses a unique system involving a wind tunnel to make participants have a feeling of weightlessness and yet a feeling of free falling, as well. This attraction is sure to be a much talked about even in your trip to Orlando, and anyone who participates will truly feel like they know what skydiving is all about afterward.

So, keep these attractions in mind on your next trip to Orlando and remember that there’s more to Orlando than theme parks!