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The Truth About Disney’s Fast Pass

Fairly recently the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World in Florida began offering a “fast pass” to visitors. The Fast Pass is exactly what it sounds like – a ticket for the special, short line so you can jump on right away rather than waiting in line for an eternity. While the idea is good in theory, it has plenty of short comings.

How it Works

Visitors must save their ticket stubs to be eligible for the Fast Pass. Some, not all, rides have Fast Pass kiosks outside. Here, visitors scan their stubs and a special ticket (one per visitor, per ride) pops out. The ticket will tell you what time you can use your Fast Pass. Usually, a two hour block later in the day. Once you see that your time block is approaching, you make your way back to the designated Fast Pass ride and hop in the not-always-shorter Fast Pass line. The ride attendants then put you on the ride and if you’re lucky you saved yourself from a ridiculously long line.


  • You save yourself hours of waiting in line.
  • Because of the time blocks, you have an itinerary of rides for your day. However, this only works if you play your cards right.


  • You have to save all tickets and stubs, so don’t get wet!
  • The Fast Pass line tends to be just as long as the regular line.
  • Ride attendants must alternate lines. Leaving you to wait…which is not so fast.
  • You have to trek across the park to return at the right time, if you aren’t in line elsewhere.
  • Fast Pass is only available for some rides. Usually, these rides are the best, with the exception of Space Mountain.
  • Fast Passes run out quickly, because every visitor can get one.


  • Get to the park early and hit ALL the Fast Pass kiosks. Hopefully, this will you constant two hour blocks.
  • Try to get them in order of park area. That way you might walk less by already being nearby.
  • Get to rides extra early; about 15-30 minutes before your Fast Pass block. Especially for popular rides such as Space Mountain.
  • Check out our post on Tips from a Disney Insider for more Fast Pass Tips
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