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The Best Beaches in Florida

Florida is unparalleled as one of the best states in the U.S. to visit the beach. During those hot summer months, people flock to Florida’s beaches to relax in the sun, put a little color in their skin, and dive into the water to cool off. Beaches are relaxing if only for the soothing sound of the ocean’s waves breaking on the shore, and the slight give of the grainy sand on a bare foot. If the summer sun has been a little too hot, as it has this summer, the sand can be anything but pleasant unless you like your foot well done. In general it’s a good idea to pack some flip-flops or sandals in your beach bag with your sunblock and paperback thriller.

If you’re headed to Florida for the end of the summer, here’s a list of the best beaches to check out:

Caledesi Beach
This beach is a very popular spot. It’s located north of Clearwater in Dunedin. The Calesdesi State Park is opened every day of the year from 8 a.m. to sunset and is a prime spot for fishing, or just walking along and enjoying the beach. Many people come to this beach to study wildlife such as the turtles you will see lining the shore line.

Siesta Beach
This is one of those beaches that would win a travel brochure contest. The crystalline white sand consisting mainly of quartz contrasted with the impeccably emerald water is truly breathtaking. It would be extremely hard to find a more beautiful beach, or a more gorgeous place to lounge and enjoy the last days of summer.

Cape Florida State Park
This state park offers a pristine oasis for swimming year-round and indulging in your fishing needs. It’s located on Key Biscayne, near Miami, and offers guided tours of its lighthouses to supplement the fantastic time you can experience on the beach. It’s operating hours are the same as Caledesi Beach.

Panama City Beach
This beach is another pristine beach well known for its immaculate sand and waters. Not only can you lay out on the white sands and swim in the green waters, you’ll also find a huge menu of activities and competitions to fill up your much needed recreational time.