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Tampa is a busy business district that conducts most of its business in the Tampa Bay area. It is the second largest city in Florida. A number of events and festivals make their way to the Bays boardwalk each year. Tampa can be a great place to mix work with pleasure!


Tampa is a city located in Hillsborough County. The city is found on the West coast of the State of Florida. It is also the county seat for Hillsborough County. Tampa is most commonly referred to as Tampa Bay, but the entire city of Tampa is larger than just the Tampa Bay area.

How to get to Tampa

Tampa has two international airport that visitors may fly into. Tampa International Airport is the cities main airport. However, there is another international airport, St. Petersburg-Clearwater International Airport, located across the Bay.


Tampa has a humid subtropical climate. The summers here are hot and humid, while the winter months are cooler and a bit more dry. Tampa only has the threat of frost every couple years. High during year are around 65 and 95 °F and lows rarely drop below freezing.

What to do

Busch Gardens – This is the major theme park in the area and one of the most popular in the state. The park is a cross between a zoo and roller coaster park. A good full day of activities here.

Tampa Theater – This is a cool 1926 theater that still operates. It actually still plays the Wurlitzer organ before shows. Check to see what shows are playing while you are in town.

Tampa Museum of Art – This museum has an impressive collection of fine and modern art. they also have a variety of Greek and Roman antiquities. A nice stop if you like museums.

Yuengling Brewery – Who doesn’t like beer? If you are a fan of Yuengling or beer in general, take a tour of the Yuengling Brewery. Includes free beer!