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St. Augustine

St. Augustine is a charming city located on the Atlantic coast of North America’s most southern state, Florida. St. Augustine is a city that all American’s should visit in their lifetime, as it is the oldest city in the country. It is truly a romantic city with loads of history and southern hospitality. While Floridians don’t always like to identify themselves as part of the south and as “southerners”, St Augustine certainly looks and feels like a place straight out of a Gone With the Wind -esk tale.

The city is full of grace and breathtaking beauty. Located near the beautiful beaches and lined with palm trees and other tropical fauna, and filled with history. Visitors can take a walk down the brick paved roads and dine in a quaint, sidewalk café. Shop at any of the many boutiques for a unique array of items. Because of its and size and charm, St. Augustine was named one of “the 10 most walk-able cities in the United States”.

What To Do
In St. Augustine you can take a walking tour of the historical city to educated yourself on how it came to be. By night catch a bite to eat at one of the many award winning restaurants then take a walking tour of the city by night. Night tours can be really spooky as you hunt for ghosts of our countries past. They say it is the most haunted town in the country; it is quite eerie at times!

Where to Stay
Staying in St. Augustine wouldn’t be complete if you didn’t choose the shack up in one of the cities historic Bed & Breakfast Inns. The St. Augustine Historic Inns Association is made up of 26 Bed & Breakfast Inns. All inns are historic homes that have been altered into charming, each one unique, inns.
For more information on St. Augustine historic inns, check out our post about the St. Augustine Historic Inns Association.

If you are traveling around the holidays, enjoy “one of the top 20 events in the southeast” – The Annual Holiday Tour of the Inns. The brick paved roads are ling with the best restaurateurs catering tasty cuisine. Stroll through the streets and tour all 26 inns. Here you can gawk at the beautiful lights, trees, and other holiday décor.

St. Augustine will offer anyone a memorable and special vacation. Once you leave you will already be planning your next visit.