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Spring Break in Miami

South Beach in Miami became the newest Spring Break hot spot in Florida for the students. It is located on the south end of Miami Beach in the historic Art Deco District. A lot of popular popular music stars, movie stars and models can be found in this place.It is well known for it’s trendy sidewalk cafes, chic restaurants and non-stop partying. This city never sleeps! The night clubs stay open until dawn and for the party lovers this is the ideal place. During the day enjoy Miami’s beautiful sand beaches, and consistently great weather. If you want to see and be seen, just spend your Spring Break in South Beach in Miami.

Vibe and What to Expect

The week of fun and party is very famous in Miami. The city is offering unforgettable experience for the visitors including unlimited pleasure and excitement. With over half million students visiting Miami each year during the spring break, there is a full list of exciting things to do, ranging from air rides in the nearby Florida Everglades to sea and land excursions of Miami and Miami Beach. The best place in Miami has to be South Beach. This is the hottest spot in the city for partying, shopping and having fun. Most famous boutiques, cafe bars, restaurants and night bars are placed here. Here are some the most popular clubs in Miami.

The perfect sand beaches, the sunny weather and the sponsors make this place number one spot for this week. Many well known companies are sponsors for many competitions, parties and fun games including beach volleyball, drinking contests, swimming competitions, etc. Unlimited alcohol and cocktail drinks, great parties, sunny days with temperature around 25 C, swimming pools, beaches and no homework are the main reasons why this is one of the best places in the country for spending your spring break. If you are looking for more touristy things to do in Miami during spring break, check out the Miami Go Pass.

If you are a guy, the beach is topless so you can pretty much spend the day ogling the naked girls. If you are a girl, the beach is topless. You can pretty much spend the day getting a tan without worrying about lines. Many Ocean Drive clubs, such as Senor Frog’s Clevelander and Nikki Beach, will give you an entrance ticket for eating during the day regardless of age. There is also Lincoln Road Mall for outdoor shopping.

Bartenders are taught that serving a minor is the equivalent of career suicide. That being said, servers are not bartenders. Servers, while certainly apt to ID you from time to time, tend to be a LOT more lax about carding their patrons. Why is this? Well, in case you missed it, servers work on tips. So if your bill is going to be $40 without alcohol, but $140 with, they are going to be much less inclined to be diligent in their examination of your ID. If a manager asks them if you checked their ID, the server can say yes. Especially when it is busy, a harried server is also not going to sit there while you fumble through your wallet looking for an ID when they have six tables demanding more water and free bread. But in many different cases, fake ID is recognized by the local officers and unlike the other hot places in USA, in Miami is unreal to cheat about this underage problem.

The News Cafe on Ocean Drive is a popular early-morning hangout, so the guests should spend their mornings there. Choosing the right restaurant to dine is also good for planning before arriving in the city. Once you are there, the city of Miami will offer unforgettable experience and perfect spring break that you will never forget. Online travel brochures can help you find trips around the city and local attractions. Also there are tourist guides that offer hotel and restaurant reviews, helping you to find the perfect place.

Finding Cheap Hotels

There are a lot of things that go into booking your Spring Break trip to Miami, and perhaps the most often erred factor is where one stays. Sure, if your weekly paycheck is more than most people’s monthly salary, you can stay wherever you like. If you are in the same budget basket as most college students, then you should look for something cheaper and less expensive. The hostels are not that bad in Miami. Most offer wireless internet service, some offer free breakfast, and all are located within two blocks of the sand.

The Jazz, The Tropics, and The Clay Hotel are a few of the most popular hotels in Miami, but you can always visit Hosteling International to see if there are other options. There are, many people who live in South Beach but leave the city during Spring Break. They rent their apartments for a minimum of one week. If you have a group of more than 6 people going, it is much better to rent out a condo at around 5000$ per week than to rent three hotel rooms for the same amount of time and money.

Finding Cheap Flights

Planning the spring break trip to Miami includes the transport arrangement. Most of the visitors come to Miami by plane. Finding cheap flights to Miami is usual and normal process. Cheap student plane tickets are out there, but what’s the best way to find them? It can be difficult to find cheap fares, especially around heavy travel times like Spring Break or Christmas. But with a little work, you can usually find a good deal. Student tickets are available on many websites and from travel agents while prices for student tickets can vary by hundreds of dollars, even for the exact same flight. There are two airports in Miami. Miami International Airport is bigger and more popular, but at Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport can be found better deals for the holiday.

Before deciding what airport and what flight to take, the visitors should check the flight rates offered for these airports according the airline companies. The taxi from Miami International Airport to Miami Beach costs 24$ and from FLL costs around 70$. There are special packages that tourist agencies offer specially made for the spring break. All inclusive packages are the best deals for the student and include cheap flight and good accommodation that saves some money.

Dont have a lot of money? Check out our free things to do in Miami.