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Spring Break in Key West

Key West is a great place to go for spring break in Florida! One of the best atmospheres for party life can be found on this minimal, but popular patch of land. There is nowhere more fitting for fun in the sun and partying the night away! Key West has much to offer in culture, history, and art. Yes, when it comes to this little island, natural beauty is just a tip of the ice burg!

Vibe and What to Expect

When visiting Key West, you may find a community of elderly ones, but too, notice a thriving community of a younger crowd. There too, you will notice some properties constructed from wood, and with metal roofing. Many of these date back to the late 1800s. This area, which is located on the west side (perceived as south) of the island is known as “Old Town” (Key West’s Historic District). But then over on the east side (perceived as north) is “New Town”. There you will find modern, swank properties. As well, there are retail malls, shopping centers, schools, residential areas, ball parks, and Key West International Airport. Without a doubt, during spring break, you’re sure to experience crowds and more crowds of individuals on a quest for fun! Key West is only about 4 miles long, and 2 miles wide. But, within that stretch, there’s plenty to see and do!

Some of the best places to party are found on Duval Street! There you will find a variety of bars, restaurants, and entertainment spots. If you’re lucky, you may even see a famous face or two! Aside from just partying, there is much to do! Stop over to the Florida Keys Community College and see what’s playing at the Tennessee Williams Theatre (a performing arts center). Or, if you’re into some hardcore punk rock and ska, this is the place to come and see a live band! Key West is home to a vast youth music scene. If you’re not much for art, then why not hop on over to Smathers Beach and enjoy some snorkeling, sailing, or a ride on a super-charged jet ski? If it doesn’t take much to keep you satisfied, then just take in a tropical drink and lay back on the sand. This is a great opportunity for taking in the surrounding sights! Regardless of age, race, or social status, there’s something for everyone in this small, but lively city!

Finding Cheap Hotels

When it comes to lodging, what should you know? Well, the most popular hotels to stay at are The Knowles House Inn (4 stars), starting at $209 per night. Next is Crowne Plaza La Concha (3 stars), starting at $216 per night. Then, Duval House (2 stars), starts at $180 per night. The fourth most popular hotel in Key West is Almond Tree Inn (not rated), starting from $150 per night. These are typical lodging rates for staying in Key West. For those on a tight budget, Hampton Inn Key West starts at only $29 per night!! Obviously, rates like this will not last, so make haste when booking for your trip! Some of the best bed & breakfasts in Key West are The Paradise Inn (4 stars), starting from $190 per night. Next on the list is The Gardens Hotel (2 stars), starting at $200 per night.

Also on the top bed & breakfast list is Frances Street Bottle Inn (3 stars), starting at only $125 per night! Before booking your lodging for spring break, make sure to consult numerous travel agencies to insure that you get the best rate, and quality for your money. Make certain of your selection so that it can be just right for your trip.

Finding Cheap Flights

How do you plan on traveling to Key West? Most likely either by land or air? If by land, you most likely will drive or take a bus. Simple. However, if you will be flying in to Key West, you should make sure that you get the best air fares. One key to getting cheap flights is booking either way in advance, or at the very last minute. (A little known fact is that when airlines have a 90% full flight, they will lower remaining seat prices in order to fill the plane).

But, for your spring break vacation, is waiting until the last minute wise? Not at all! So, how can you book within a reasonable time, and yet save money? A great way to go about doing this is by utilizing an air fare search and price comparison websites.. Here you can compare among a wide range of airlines. The price of a flight to Key West will vary from city to city. If you would like to save even more money, try purchasing a package (flight + hotel) on a reputable website such as Expedia.com or Travelocity.com. There are so many great travel sites out there, I just happened to name a few of the best.

Staying Safe During Spring Break

There’s nothing like a wonderful vacation that goes just as planned! In order to insure an excellent experience and remain safe, keep in mind these few things: First, prepare thoroughly. Make sure to book on time and to take necessary measures to protect your personal information and finances. Second, if traveling by air, while in the airport, keep all personal belongings close to you at all times (that is unless you will be checking all of your bags).

If traveling alone, be discreet about discussing with strangers your planned whereabouts and where you will be staying. Last but not least, drink responsibly, but have fun! There’s nothing like a round of drinks among friends, and loud music to dance the night away to! There’s a time for all things, and surely when you arrive in Key West for spring break, you will know that it is your time to get down and have a blast! If you’re not familiar with Key West culture, then here’s a tip: Try the conch fritters! This is a sure way to spice up your spring break and your memories of the southernmost party spot!