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Spring Break in Florida

Spring Break in Florida – Daytona, Key West, Panama City, Miami, and South Beach.

Its no secret that Florida is pretty much the most popular spring break destination in the United States. If you won’t be traveling abroad in search of spring break fun, you will probably find yourself heading South. One reason Florida is such a popular spring break destination is because of its wealth of coastline and popular beach side party cities. Daytona, Key West, Panama City, Miami, and South Beach are just but a few of the most popular areas to visit during spring break.

Having a plethora of spring break destinations in such a concentrated area is great, but then the problem or where to go begins. With so many famous and up-and-coming spring break locals, how do you know which one to choose? Sure, you could go to where ever that flyer is for that you got at school, but how cool could that be? Then of course there is your friends older brother who partied at such and such for spring break. But do you really want to party where he partied? Might be a bit overdone now.

Ah decisions, decisions…have no worries, I am here to help. I’ll break down each of the popular spring break destinations in Florida and tell what you can expect from each one. Find out which ones are all about smashing beer on your forehead and which ones are a little less forehead smashing.

Daytona Beach

Daytona beach has certainly stood the test of time as far as spring break destinations in Florida go. While its popularity peaked out years ago, it still manages to draw a nice sized crowd every year. If you are looking for a drinking/party scene, but its your first real spring break, Daytona can be a good place to pop your spring break cherry at.

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Because driving on the beach is allowed, most people hang out tanning away their hangover on the beach. Don’t be surprised if you see the same car a few times, as people like to cruise the ocean strip several times. At night you can usually find a variety of nightlife from open air bars to a few dance clubs and other spring break parties.

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Miami and South Beach

Miami has always had a happening party and club scene, but it was usually only for the more financially fortunate. South Beach has long since been a popular place for celebrities to party and vacation at. Perhaps this is what caught the interest of many a spring breaker. That or the fact that south beach is filled with hotties of every sex and sexual preference. South Beach isn’t a nude beach, but you’ll see your fair share of semi-nudity on it.

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Miami is fast becoming a popular spring break destinations for those who are really into the dance and club scene. There is no shortage of bars or clubs on the stretch. You will have no problem bar hopping or club hopping here. Aside from clubs, cruising the strip is also extremely popular. It is not uncommon to find anything from a flashy red Lamborgini to a bright yellow Ferrari driving around at night.

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Panama City

If there were ever a popular spring break destination in Florida, Panama City would be it. Panama City has a little something for every type of spring breaker. From bars to dance clubs, there is a party on every corner. Many places, including hotels, tend to have special parties and concerts during the major spring break weeks.

If you plan on making your way to Panama City for spring break, you can expect huge crowds, lots of booze, and plenty of wet t-shirt contests. Just be careful while driving, to, from, and around Panama City; as the cops are out in full force during these spring break months.

Key West

Key West has always been a mild spring break destination compared to theres, but it is slowly gaining a lot of popularity. While you are bound to run into some hardcore party goers durring the spring break months, Key West tends to have a pretty mellow vibe to it. It is one of those places that you can’t help but slow down at once you visit.

If you like hanging out at the bars, but enjoy good music, bar conversation, and a more relaxed atmosphere rather than loud and overcrowded dance clubs, then Key West is the place for you.