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Spend Valentine’s Day at Disney World

disney-world-valentineMost of us associate the idea of visiting Disney World with offering a great vacation for our kids. While this is very true and the reason most families think of such a vacation, you should also know that Disney World Vacations are for grown-ups as well. And several days in the magical land of dreams, fairytale and animation can be a great Valentine’s Day present (for the right person).

Beating the crowds?

Not during Valentine’s Day! The periods of peak attendance are in mid to late December, mid-February to mid-April and mid-June to mid-August. Why? Because children are on break from school and that’s when all parents plan their family vacations.

Aside for the crowded parks, you’ll also be paying a premium for visiting during these periods. In simple words: everything is more expensive! And , of course, you’ll have to wait in line for hours to try the best rides.

Remember that you don’t need to come here exactly for Valentine’s Day. Arrive in Orland on the Thursday before Valentine’s Day. Typically Fridays and Saturdays are very busy so at least you’ll get a head start.

Booking the flight

If the package doesn’t include the flight or you prefer to book the flight and hotel separately, make sure to start your search quite in advance. Chances are you’ll find quite a few deals available for that period, and you need to sort through them and find the best one. If you saved some miles from a particular airline, check their deals first. Orlando International Airport (MCO) is served by many airlines and receives flights from all over the country and the world.

Saving money on accommodation

Staying within the resort has its advantages and disadvantages, of course. You’ll be close to everything so you don’t need to worry about getting to the parks. Hotels at Disney World range from budget to luxury and during the peak periods prices are quite high. They often have special packages available, although most are geared towards families with children.

If you want to save on accommodation, book a hotel located outside the resort itself. Most of them offer free shuttle services to the theme parks. In this way, you can escape the theme parks when you feel overwhelmed. Plus, you’ll probably want a day or two in a more relaxed atmosphere to focus on the two of you, right?

Romantic and fun things to do in Orlando

There are quite a lot of romantic things you can in Orlando, which are not related to Disney World:

  • Rent a horse-drawn carriage for a tour of the historic downtown Orlando
  • Take a day trip to Winter Park and let her check out the stores which line up Park Avenue
  • Take a cruise or a boat ride on St. John s River
  • Treat her with a spa package or get a special package for couples
  • Visit Titanic Museum (it contains a replica of the ship, 300 artifacts from Titanic and several props from the movie)

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