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Southern Star Dolphin Cruise in Destin

191042999_9be830f675Destin, Florida is a great vacation destination for the whole family! There are a ton of great activities in the city including parasailing, mini golfing, and fishing, as well as fun restaurants and great museums! And don’t forget about the beach! But there is another activity that you just have to add to your list! Be sure not to miss the Southern Star Dolphin Cruise!

What to Expect

What little girl isn’t in love with dolphins, and what little boy doesn’t have a preoccupation with big, cool boats? And the Southern Star is fun for mom and dad, too! The two hour long relaxing cruise includes bird feeding, dolphin watching, music, and snacks! Additionally, part of the tour time is set aside for “kids steer.” Captain Steve actually lets the kids steer the boat while wearing a Captain’s hat, and you can take as many pictures as you want. (There are no gimmicks where you have to pay for their photographer to take the pictures or anything like that).

The two hour tour begins with a tour of the harbor, that some tourists find boring, but most locals think is fascinating. This is because this part of the tour mostly talks about the history of the town, including how a hurricane damaged the city a few years back. Captain Steve also describes many of the local restaurants and other attractions. Then you leave the harbor and go out to sea, unless the weather is bad. The only problem with dolphin tours such as this one is that there is no way for the Captain to guarantee that you will see dolphins. The typical times that the dolphin are in the harbour and are most active is early in the morning and at sunset, so we recommend going on one of those cruises. Southern Star Dolphin Cruises also offers special Sunset Cruises, which are highly recommended.

If you go at just the right time, you are likely to see a good number of dolphins! It is not unusual to see over 100 dolphins swimming all around the Destin jetty in a single trip on the Southern Star. Usually, when you see a couple of pods, you will see many more. Captain Steve knows a lot about dolphin families and dolphin babies, and most of the time the dolphins will come right up to the boat! Also, you can feed seagulls off the back of the boat while you are on the tour, which is also a lot of fun. Captain Steve is also very good at letting you know what is going on throughout the cruise. He will keep you informed about why the boat may not be able to get any closer to the dolphins or why the boat cannot be out in the ocean longer.

Tips for Visiting

If you are going to take a Southern Star Dolphin Cruise, then hear are a couple of tips to make your adventure as fun as possible. First of all, be sure to arrive early to board the boat. The best seats go fast, but don’t worry, there are plenty of places from which you can get a good view. Also, if you are going to take a cruise on the weekend, book your seats early, because weekend cruises fill up fast.

Finally, you should know that many hotels and vacation rentals in Destin offer free tickets to go on the Southern Star Dolphin Cruise when you stay there. FunDestin will give you one free ticket for the cruise for every day you stay there! It costs $29.00 per adult, $22 for seniors, and $15.50 for children to go on the cruise. Children aged three and under are free. When you book with Southern Star Dolphin Cruises online, you get $2 off per person.