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South Beach Wine & Food Festival

Beer & wine… two beverages we drink for pleasure. Two beverages which have events and festivals dedicated to them. We love to drink beer when we eat at the pub, when we watch a soccer game, when we go out with friends. We go to wine testing events, buy wine for special romantic nights and share wine with friends at our table.

Beer and wine festivals around the world attract tourists and create a lot of buzz when they happened. It’s a known fact that flights need to booked in advance and price of accommodation sky rockets during such events.

Best example? Oktoberfest! Each year, you need to book the accommodation in March to grab something affordable and close to Munich in September/October.

But if you are a wine fan, consider going to the South Beach Wine & Food Festival. Unfortunately you missed it this year – it takes place at the end of February – but look at the bright side: you’ve got a lot of time to plan the next year’s vacation. The dates for next year’s festival have already been set. In 2012, the South Beach Wine & Food Festival will take place from February 23 to 26.

While you can leave the search for flights to Miami for November/December, make sure to book one of the cheap South Beach hotels by this autumn.

When you calculate the budget make sure to include the tickets for the events. This year, they started at $20 for the kids.

The festival in Miami is well known for the ability to attract culinary celebrity. In 2011, Bobby Flay, Emeril Lagasse, Tyler Florence, and Guy Fieri attended the festival.

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