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SkyVenture Florida

Taking time out to visit SkyVenture Florida will be the experience of a life time for you and your family. So, if you are looking for something to do in Orlando, you’ll be happy to know that SkyVenture has just performed a major upgrade adding bigger more efficient motors and a long list of other improvements that make SkyVenture the world’s best vertical wind tunnel even better. Customers, friends, and family traveling to visit SkyVenture will be please to know that the new state of the art upgrades were put in place to accommodate more visitors to use the SkyVenture facility at the same time. The total redesign and restructuring of the SkyVenture facility was designed to give visitors and people who have traveled to the facility a more life like experience that would be similar to a real sky diving experience.

Whats to Expect

After reviewing the services and experience that Sky Venture has to offer, I think it is safe to say that if your traveling to Florida and you are an enthusiast of sky diving this location is for you you. Definitely take a look around the SkyVenture facility to find the point of interest that will captivate your attention. SkyVenture has flight tunnel training and instructional classes for the enthusiast that needs to brush up on his or sky diving technique. Lessons for instruction are also available to individuals that want to have the experience of a life time as a first timer learning how to sky dive.

For individuals looking to refer a friend, associate, or family member SkyVenture has a special coupon section where you will find discounts for your flight experience. “It is fun for all ages, the adventure of a lifetime, you will love it,” as the website states. The facility and all of its state of the art Sky diving technology is also safe and securing allowing for a more enriching experience as well.

Some individuals are afraid of the whole sky diving experience because they do not want to jump. SkyVenture is an indoor skydiving experience that offers the freedom and excitement of skydiving, but without the jump or having a hard fall. In the wind tunnel, your instructor will assist you in leaning directly into the wind flow so you will be lifted up. This specialized technique will make a novice out of any beginner in no time flat. An instructor will be with you one-on-one the whole time while you are in the wind tunnel. It will be easy for you to see that no experience or special skills are needed to fly in the SkyVenture wind tunnels. If your looking to learn tricks about flipping and spinning in the wind tunnel you must attend a special camp to learn how to perform these tricks like experienced SkyVenture sky divers.

Helpful Advice and Tips

If you plan on traveling to Florida for a fun filled experience with SkyVenture reservations are highly recommended, because they get booked up in advance very quickly. You can make reservations by calling SkyVenture at the reservations desk, they are open everyday. I also suggest you book your reservations as far in advance as possible, there are lots of people looking to see what the SkyVenture experience is all about. The observation deck is open daily, you are welcome to stop and watch flyers before making your reservations. If you proceed with making a reservation with SkyVenture you are asked to arrive 15 minutes before your class time.

Make your reservation to visit and take part in the adventure that SkyVenture is offering. This fun filled experience will turn any plans to visit Florida into an exciting and rewarding experience that will help you learn the techniques of sky diving using the indoor facility of SkyVenture. The experience is safe and there are one on one instructors on stand by to help any non experienced jumper feel comfortable in the controlled wind tunnel of SkyVenture.