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Save money on your Disney World vacation: some useful tips

disneyworldDisney World is one of world’s most popular tourist destinations. Families with children, in particular, as well as adults who still feel like kids, head to the theme parks year round to enjoy a vacation in the dream world created by Disney.

But when it comes to popular vacation places, the prices aren’t exactly too friendly. So in order to avoid a nervous breakdown by the time you need to pay those travel related bills, we’ve put together some tips to help you save some money on your Disney World vacation.

When to visit

Generally, the summer and Christmas time are the most expensive periods to visit Disney World. So in order to avoid the highest prices, you might want to plan your vacation in spring or fall. Also, to avoid the crowds, you should stay away from weekends.

The flight

The closest airport to Disney World is Orlando International Airport (MCO). Flights to Orlando are plentiful but scoring a good deal means a bit of practice.

Firstly, you should know that Orlando’s airport is hub for Delta Connection carriers Chautauqua Airlines and Freedom Airlines, as well as a focus city for AirTran Airways, Delta Air Lines and Southwest Airlines. So when you start to search for tickets, make sure to check these airlines’ deals first.

Secondly, be flexible on your approach. Things like flying during the weekdays, choosing a flight very early in the morning or even choosing an indirect flight rather than a direct one, will save you some money. And make sure to book a bit in advance. Typically you should stick to booking at least 2 weeks, although the cheapest airfare can be found about a month in advance.

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The accommodation

Many people consider that staying within the resort itself will save some money. When searching for Disney World hotels , try to start with the budget resorts. If the prices still feel a bit too high, you might want to look into the Disney World vacation packages . These include the flight and the hotel. And lately, because of the recession, they have started to add more nights to the packages, while keeping the prices low.

However, if you decide to stay outside the park, you should look into cheap hotels in Kissimmee . Kissimmee is a very popular vacation hotspot, particularly for those who want to visit Disney World but plan to spend less on accommodation. Thankfully, there are a lot of cheap hotels to choose from and most of them offer free shuttles to Disney World.

Eating and drinking

Bringing your own snacks always saves money. Generally speaking, a family meal anywhere within the resort can cost up to $50-75. And if you are planning to stay healthy, hitting the fast food chains is not a good option either. Therefore, pack healthy treats and save a lot of money, while keeping your family healthy.

Along with your food, make sure to bring a lot of bottles of water. Just like in the case of meals, getting drinks within the resort is a costly affair.


It’s wise to stay away from a multiple theme parks in a day kind of deal because your goal is to enjoy each theme park , rather than rushing to fit them all in.