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Road Trip of a Life Time: The Florida Keys

florida-key-westI don’t know about many of you, but I surely enjoy feeling the wind in my hair while I drive and stop whenever I feel like to relax, take photos and enjoy the nature. Add my beau in the mix and this would be a round trip in heaven!

Planning for a weekend road trip is not exactly very hard. Just choose the place you want to head to and then book the flight to the closest big city.

One of the beautiful road trips in Florida is Miami to Key West. It can be accomplished in about 3 hours so it surely leaves a lot of room for other things to explore in the area.

Cheap flights to Miami are not hard to find and there are many low-cost airlines offering flights to this lovely city. You can stay for a day or two in Miami and then rent a car and head to Key West.

You get a chance to drive the unique Florida Oversea Highway, which connects the islands by several bridges spanning over the Atlantic Ocean. Once you get to the area, you’ll find a lot of things to explore.

Cheap hotels in Florida are not hard to find and you can book them in advance, before you leave on vacation. Find an affordable hotel on one of the islands and use the rental car to travel from one place to another.

You’ll need at least three days to explore the are so this can be an excellent road trip idea, whether you want to travel with your girlfriends or want to surprise your loved one. Pack your swimsuit and sunscreen because you’ll surely want to soak up the sun on one of the beautiful beaches.