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Prive in Miami

Prive in Miami – An Ultra-Exclusive Club

Miami has one of the hottest club scenes and nightlife in the country, and Prive is undoubtedly the finest and most exclusive club you can find in this amazing city. Located in world famous South Beach, Prive is the epitome of exclusivity and is known for its incredible beats, beautiful people and an -list crowd. Spending an evening at Prive means rubbing shoulders with some of the most famous celebrities in the world, ranging from hot actors and actresses to sports legends to world famous music artists and top people from the world of fashion including models and designers. If you come to visit Miami and want to really be in the know, you absolutely must check out Prive — if you can get in!

What to Expect

From the moment you approach Prive on the street, you will know you are somewhere special; there will almost certainly be an incredibly long line outside of the packed venue. This phenomenon is unsurprising given the wide acclaim and incredible popularity of Prive amongst the many spectacular South Beach clubs. Upon scanning the waiting crowd, you will likely notice that the majority of people are dressed in sexy, trendy clothes — but also classy at the same time. The people, likely to be in the 21 to 35 range, mostly, will be done up like they are fashion models, and many of them probably actually are. You can guarantee that how you dress is very important at Prive.

After waiting in the line, which might take a while but will be entertaining anyway, thanks to all the people watching that you can engage in, and assuming you are granted permission, you will enter Prive Club. Most likely, the first thing that you will notice upon entering Prive will be its incredible decor. The interior of this exclusive club might remind you of how a club in New York City would be designed and decorated: sleek, smooth lines and soft, understated yet somehow also vibrant colors. The lighting is perfectly done, lending the entire place an exotic aura. The eclectic and vibrant music will certainly catch your ears, as well, since Prive is known for featuring some of the hottest house music around.

Celebrity Sightings

Another thing that might immediately catch your attention — and interest — is a possible celebrity or two mingling around. While there is an ultra VIP section at Prive, where certain celebs can ensconce themselves away from the average folks, it is still quite common to catch a glimpse or two of many different Hollywood starlets and socialites in the main areas of Prive, as well. Should you be fortunate enough to run across one of these famous celebrities, please keep your cool; Prive does not like for its big name clients to be harrassed. They want to keep them coming back!

Prive has four fabulously decorated bars which offer some of the most unique, intriguing and rare wines and liquors you will find anywhere. The bartender can whip you up the latest “it” drink, or get an old favorite if you aren’t feeling adventurous. Feel free to roam the floor and check out all of the people. If you really want to splurge, you can get a table for you and your friends, but it will cost you: the going rate for a private table at Prive is approximately $200 to $2,000. How much you pay is based in large part of the number of people you are with.

Tips on Getting In

The most important things to keep in mind when trying to go to Prive is that appearance matters – a lot. And when it comes to gaining admittance, you will want to look your absolute best; and it helps to be female, too. If you are a guy, makes sure to find some female friends to accompany you, or you most likely will not be getting in to Prive. Be prepared to wait, and to have $20 to $30 on hand, per person, for the cover charge. Getting on the list at the door ahead of time will help a lot in getting in. But if you do get into Prive, the most important advice is to simply relax, enjoy and soak in the atmosphere of Miami’s hottest nightclub.