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Planning Your Summer Vacation: Which Destination to Choose

Summer is definitely the most popular time to travel. But it’s also the most expensive travel period so planning your vacation ahead of time is a must. Ideally, you should set a budget before starting to make any plans. Then, decide between domestic and international travel and what you want to experience during your vacation.

Not surprisingly, Miami is the best departure point for South America, including Rio de Janeiro (Brazil). You won’t be there for the Carnival, but it’s still an incredible trip to take. June in Rio is balmy (average daytime temperature around 25C and you won’t risk bumping into crowds). Or you can head to Paris, as the prices are excellent in June ($945 rt). Who might have guessed?

If you prefer to travel domestically, New Orleans is an affordable destination year-round ($249 rt), especially if you are looking for a weekend getaway. And if you only have days off in August you could plan to visit in Las Vegas ($302 rt).

Comparing these fares to the ones available from Houston, another Southern transportation hub, Miami definitely wins when it comes to flights to Rio and Paris. However, it’s an excellent departure point if you want to fly to Hawaii ($587 rt in August).

So if you depart from Miami and your concern is getting the best value when taking a longer vacation, we suggest booking a flight to Rio in June. By comparison, it’s just as expensive to fly to Hawaii in August.