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Palm Beach Zoo at Dreher Park

The Palm Beach Zoo is a load of fun! While it’s not exactly the San Diego Zoo, they have some really amazing animals and really great events! Many families have found it to be both an incredibly fun and affordable place to bring them! The zoo actually has over 400 animals representing more than 125 different species of wildlife. The Palm Beach Zoo actually has the first outdoor exhibit of Goeldi monkeys in the whole nation, and they also have panthers, jaguars, tigers, and a giant Aldabra tortoise.

The zoo is always a great family vacation and the Palm Beach Zoo is no exception. I’ve been here several times with my mom’s 2nd grade class and we would always find some group of animals doing different funny things and making lots of noise, entertaining the wee ones to no end. The zoo costs $13 per adult, which is a fair price. But if you live nearbly, it is totally worth it to get a zoo membership. For $85, two adults and all of your children who are under the age of seventeen can come to the zoo anytime throughout they year. Additionally, as a zoo member, you get ten percent off at all the gift shops and even discounts to other zoos throughout the nation! And parking at the Palm Beach Zoo is always free. So forget about Chuck-E-Cheese or watching boring wildlife videos! A membership to the Palm Beach Zoo provides countless hours of cheap entertainment for the whole family.

The zoo has three really large exhibits, all of which are really fun. First, there is a Tropics of America exhibit. In this exhibit are Mayan ruins, rainforest plants, and an Amazon river village. The Australian Region exhibit has all kinds of cool animals that you do not see very often; kinkajous, red kangaroos, wallabies and dingos! My moms kids always loved this “down under” part of the zoo! Finally, there is an Asian Rainforest exhibit. Some of the animals at the Palm Beach Zoo include capybaras, lemurs, alligators, tapirs, pythons, anacondas, fruit bats, toucans, cockatoos, llamas, tigers, emus, kookaburras, capuchin monkeys, panthers, giant anteaters, and two toed sloths. The zoo also just got a Komodo Dragon named Hanna.

Finally, the Palm Beach Zoo also boasts an aquarium, a fun nature trail, an aviary, an otter exhibit, a children’s petting zoo, and a restaurant overlooking the river. As often as we went, we never got bored of it since the animals were always doing different things and there are many shows that you can watch throughout the day.

Tips for Visiting

All in all, the Palm Beach Zoo is a really fun place to go, and there are a lot of great things you can do while you are there. If you have children, I highly recommend going to the “wings over water” show that the zoo holds daily. It is totally free, and in the show, you get to watch over 20 trained birds do tricks. I normally am not interested in birds, but the show was actually really funny. Any zoo show is a good idea, because they are entertaining for your kids, since in a show they can really see the animal doing things.

When you go, you will also want to bring some cash with you. There is a carousel which of course every child wants to go on. It costs two dollars per child. There is also a part of the aviary where they let you feed the birds, so be sure to bring quarters for that, too.