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Opium Garden Club in Miami

Miami Beach, a place known for some of the most famous night clubs since 1950, and a part of that legacy is Club Opium Miami. The environment is positive; people are dancing, mingling and waiting in line to get into the hottest night spot in Miami Beach. The latest music is being played and the dance steps are rhythmic, reflecting the energy of the Miami club goers. Experiencing the contagious atmosphere of the club you will realize how lucky you are to be in this swinging group of people. There are so many opportunities to meet others who enjoy getting out and about. The staff is professional and ready to show you a wonderful time. At Opium Club Miami you can participate in the sights and sounds of this unique legacy, Miami, the happening city on the Southern Beach.

What to Expect

The Opium Club Miami is a hot night spot with a laid back attitude. You are free to create your own style, develop a new one or just flow with the status quo. The beverage prices vary, beer $8 cocktails $14. The club is located in Miami Beach Florida, one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Miami has plenty of high rise apartment buildings and Opium Club Miami has the night scene to meet and greet the high rising fast paced lifestyle of Miami Beach party goers.

The dance floor located in the garden area allows you to dance under the stars taking in the Palm trees of the Miami skyline. Think of a grand movie and visualize yourself being the star of the scene. If you are willing to pay the cost you may find yourself rubbing shoulders with a real movie star. The continual party scene in Miami leads you to an adventurous night out on the town that lets you make your fantasies happen.

How to Get In

Club Opium Miami is busy so get there early and decide what setting you want to spend your evening in. Whether you choose the indoor or garden area the club helps you to take in the mood of Miami, and certainly you want to secure a great spot to spend your evening. Look important by getting a party pass and put on your fanciest outfit. Getting into the Opium Club Miami is around $30. Prime location, top shelf clientele, and music that raises the roof, all for your pleasure. The club opens Friday thru Saturday with music by great DJ’s heating their turntables up with steamy sounds. The club has a beautiful Asian design, putting you in a relaxed mood by blending in with the Sun and Surf of Miami Beach.

A very upscale pair of Jeans will do nicely for the guy in mind and a very nice dress shirt. No gum, do not dress slouchy nice shoes for guys. No sagging please, do not show your underwear, and good hygiene is a must. Be confident, not rude. Guys get with a group of hot looking women that helps your chances of getting in. Get on a mailing list, purchase bottle service, and get on a VIP program. Dressing very nicely is always a nice touch when you enter any establishment, but with the Miami scene dressing with a bit of an artistic twist is a good idea. For the young lady something nice but a shade bit tight and a little revealing is certainly an asset. You must remember to be confident and undisturbed, don’t act anxious, and guys, the more pretty girls you have hanging on your arms the better.

Stay Safe

Take your significant other out for a night on the town, or entertain out of town friends. Opium Club Miami will make you look like you are one in the know in Miami. Try to use the buddy system when traveling at night, take a taxi to your destination this alleviates walking to and from your car. Do not wear flashy jewelry, make a point to watch out for people who drink too much and especially for those who only pretend to be intoxicated. Always lock your car, especially when you are driving it, and keep the windows rolled up, you don’t want any extra passengers hopping a ride unexpectedly. Please don’t flash cash, not a wise course of action. Enjoy a safe night out.