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Nude Beaches in Florida

Nude Beaches in Florida – Where it is legal or tolerated.

With so much coast line and such comfortable weather, you would think that Florida would sport quite a few nude beaches. Unfortunately, many Americans aren’t as tolerant of nude bodies as other countries are. Thus, there are very little nude beaches in Florida. In fact, there is only one legal nude beach in all of Florida! That said, there are a number of beaches and areas where it tolerated.

The basic rule of nude beaches in Florida is, “bare if you dare.” Irregular law enforcement of public nudity makes it hard to pin point popular beaches that are more tolerant than others. Nudity is a crime in Florida, so go nude with discretion. Going topless seems to be much more tolerated than fully nude.

Your best bet in finding an area to go nude on is to find a stretch of beach well off the beaten path. This generally means you’ll have to drive far past the stretches of coastline to have homes and hotels. This usually means you will have to park on the side of the road and make your way to the beach without the aide of public access. be carful of not parking illegaly or trespassing on private property.

Nude Beaches in Florida

Haulover Beach
This is the only legal nude beach in Florida. Because of this, you can expect to find nude beach goes of every age and shape. The nude section of the beach is marked with signs that cant be missed. This means you can go nude without worry.

Apollo Beach
Nude sunning is illegal, it is usually excepted if you are discrete. Walking around nude or topless probably isn’t very discrete.

Playalinda Beach
Here you can find an undeveloped section of beach. This area of coastline is secluded enough that it catches the attention of many nudists. However, this area is also popular with nature lovers, so don’t be surprised to run into non-nudists.

John D. MacArthur Beach State Park
This beach is also known as Air Force Beach. It used to be a nude beach back in the day, but is no longer so. However, you can usually get away with it if you don’t cross over into the park area of the beach.

Hobe Sound
This is a very seculded area where the rich and famous build homes away from the crowds. Discrete nudists can often find stretches of beaches to swim and sunbath nude here. Just try to avoid laying out directly in front of houses.

St. Lucie Inlet State Reserve
This area is much like Hobe Sound. The area is private and has little crowds, but it still isn’t legal to go nude.

South Beach
While going nude isn’t legal here, you would never know it. Its easy to find areas where nudity is accepted. These areas are usually away from the large tourist hotels, but going topless is accepted just about anywhere.

St. Vincent Wildlife Refuge
This are is uninhabited, but is only accessible by boat. The area is very much a wildlife refuge, so you may have to search for a suitable spot of beach.

Gulf Islands National Seashore
Again, nudity isn’t legal here. But, there are plenty of long stretches of beach with little on them. As a result, it is pretty easy to find a spot to enjoy the day nude.

Navarre Beach (Eglin Air Force Base)
This area used to tolerate nudity, but that tolerances changes regularly. Exercise cation if you choose to go nude here.