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Next Vacation: A Cruise

Summer is already here and most of us are trying to plan the next vacation; or at least daydreaming about it. How about choosing one of the many Disney cruises for your next vacation? For a family with kinds – no matter how old the kids are – choosing such a cruise is an excellent way to keep them engaged and the parents relaxed.

Also, make sure to book the cheap flights to Miami along with the cruise, as most Disney cruises depart from Miami. Look for special deals if possible and don’t forget to use your saved miles as well. To be sure you aren’t missing the departure, plan to spend a night in Miami before your cruise leaves the port.

Family cruise deals are not hard to find the prices are absolutely amazing. Plus, family cruises can be excellent ways to teach your kids history, geography and other valuable lessons in a very fun way.

Want them to know which capitals Danube flows through? Book a Danube cruise and you’ll get to enjoy the beautiful cities along the way and most likely fall in love with some of them, especially Vienna and Budapest, although Bratislava and Belgrade surely have a lot to offer as well.

Do you want your children to know where democracy was founded? Book a cruise which includes exploring Athens. And if you manage to check out some of the other archeological sites in Greece, it would be amazing.

If Europe is too expensive for your budget, then you can stay closer to home. Valuable history and geography lessons can be learned from visiting the Caribbean. Plus you can always check out the locations where “Pirates of the Caribbean” movies were filmed. And that’s a very fun and exciting thing to do, especially for kids!