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Most Popular Clubs in Miami

Miami is known for its hot beached and popular resorts, but it is equally famous for its trendy night clubs. If you can manage to get into some of the clubs below, there is no telling who you might see inside. So, if you are into the club scene, this article should give you all the info you need to navigate the night. All of the clubs listed below get even more popular during spring break in Miami.

Listed below are five top clubs in Miami, FL:

1. Mansion Nightclub
This is one of the most popular clubs in Miami and was orginally built as a theater but now is voted the top club in Miami. This club has two room, one for hip–hop, house, progressive and one for VIP’s only. The cover charge is around $20-30, so it’s very affordable, however if you plan on visiting this club, you must arrive early to get in.

2. Club Madonna
This is the only gentlemen’s club in Miami and it is a strip club. As one might think, the club is very popular. There is parking available at a very low cost and the cover charges are very reasonable as well.

3. Miami Velvet Swing Club
This club is exactly as the name states and is an on premises swing club. Over 400 couples visit this club every week. This is a place where mostly 30 and 40 year olds meet and then decide on how far they wish to go with their sexual activity, ranging from just meeting or going much further, it’s all up to the individual.

4. B.E.D. Nightlclub
This is a very popular nightclub that is open to people of all ages. It’s known for it’s great location and offers a very reasonable cover charge ranging from $20-30 dollars. If you go to their website, they even have a video of their club, so you can get a feel for it beforehand.

5. Opium Nightclub
This is a very popular nightclub that boasts an Asian theme. It has lots of visitors and even has an outside garden as well. This is part of the attraction to this nightclub. The cover charge is around $20-30 and VIP’s can get in for $100. The website even offers a video so you can check it out before you go. If you like clubs in Miami, then you’ll most likely love this one as many others do.

If you are tired of the clubs, check out the Miami Fast Pass.