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While there are many popular cities in Florida, Miami is certainly the most popular with the rich and famous types. Its famous South beach is the place to be seen, both on the beach and in the clubs. If you like a beach city with plenty of nightlife, Miami is the place to be. It’s a popular destination for spring break students, so those weeks can be very busy, but the crowds don’t dominate the city like they do elsewhere.

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Miami is located near the Southern tip of Florida. It is one of the states smallest cities, but has the largest population of in city in the state. Miami and the surrounding suburbs are located on a plain between the Florida Everglades and Biscayne Bay.

Thanks to the Gulf Streams current just off shore, the city manages to stay warm and comfortable all year long.

How to get to Miami

Most international travelers will arrive to Miami via its international airport, Miami International Airport (MIA). The airport is located just North of the cities busy business district. There are frequent connection flights from Americas and Europe, Israel and cargo flights to Asia.

The airport is setup a little different than other major airports. Each terminal has its own security check point. This makes security checks go faster, but once you are in your gate, you are stuck there.


As mentioned before, the city of Miami enjoys a very mild climate. this is thanks to its close proximity to the Gulf Stream current just off the coast. This keeps a constant flow of cool breezes coming in year round. The end result is a city that has near perfect weather year round.

Winters are usually warm and dry, while summers are hot and humid. A normal summer day has temperatures in the low of 75F and a high of mid 80Fs. There is also high humidity during the summer months. Summer afternoons usually find a rainstorm or cool ocean breeze.

What to do

Be sure to check out the Miami Go Pass to save money.

Clubs – Many visitors come to check out the hot clubs in Miami.

Miami Metrozoo – This is a popular attraction for vacationers with families. It is home to a number of endangered species such as tigers, crocodiles, and the Kumodo Dragon.

Bongos Cuban Cafe – This is a popular Cuban Cafe in Miami area. The cafe is known for amazing food, and even better service. try this place latter in the evening for a romantic setting.

Jungle Island – This is a mini animal based theme park. Think bush gardens, but on a much smaller scale and without the roller coasters. Many visitors prefer this to the Miami MetroZoo.

Coopertown Airboats – An airboat tour is one thing any visitor to the city must do. Not going on one would be like not taking a gondola in Venice.

Family Activities – If you need some more family related activities, check out these family activities in Miami.

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