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Miami Seaquarium

1087364181_a8bef1cf34Looking for that perfect addition to your vacation? Do you want to experience, first hand, the diverse and exciting marine life of South Florida? Dare to spend time feeding Sea Lions and being splashed by Bottle Nosed Dolphins?

Located just outside of downtown Miami, situated on beautiful Biscayne Bay, you will find the Miami Seaquarium. The Seaquarium is unique in its ability to captivate and educate both young and old with its expansive collection of tropical marine animals. The pristine waters and beautiful landscape make the perfect setting for family-friendly fun and exploration. The park offers educational presentations, choreographed shows, a variety of exhibits and interactive experiences, each of which highlight the intelligence and beauty of tropical marine species. There is so much to do; plan to spend at least an entire day discovering all that the Miami Seaquarium has to offer!

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What to Expect

Once you have arrived at the Miami Seaquarium, be sure to pause for a moment to enjoy the breathtaking scenery. The itinerary for the day will be what you make of it, so get a park map and decide on which attractions you want to see most. Check for corresponding show times to be sure that you do not miss anything.

The Seaquarium features five full shows to attend. The Top Deck Dolphin Show can be viewed from above or below the water and displays the world-famous acrobatics of the bottlenose dolphins. The Golden Dome Sea Lion Show is an actual comedic play starring Salty the Sea Lion and featuring various other guest performers. Laugh along with the stars of the show while reveling in their wonder. The Flipper Dolphin Show is a choreographed dance with educational narration that takes place at the actual TV set with Flipper himself! The Killer Whale and Dolphin Show features Lolita the Killer Whale and Pacific white-sided dolphins as they demonstrate why they are reputed to be among the most intelligent and graceful creatures on Earth.

The Miami Seaquarium also features five exciting presentations. Watch and learn about various species of sharks at feeding time at the Shark Channel Presentation. Stand in awe of the 750,000 gallon Main Reef Aquarium and stay for the Tropical Reef Presentation. Want to learn more about Florida’s official state marine mammal? Stay for the Manatee Presentation and learn about why the Manatee is facing extinction and what you can do to help. After the Golden Dome Sea Lion Show, come across to the Feeder Pool, where you can learn about Sea Lions and Seals and then stay to help with feeding time. Finally, Discovery Bay offers a presentation on much of the other regional wildlife including turtles, alligators, birds and fish.

While exploring the Seaquarium, be sure to include time to view the Tropical Wings display, the Fish Aquariums located in the walls of the Top Deck Dolphin area, and the Crocodile Flats at Discovery Bay. These exhibits display the unique local wildlife in a natural setting, and will fascinate you with their beauty.

Tips for Visiting

If you get hungry while at the Seaquarium, there are plenty of options for you and your family. Ranging from ice cream and hotdogs to pizza, to local cuisine, to a full indoor air conditioned café with burgers, salads and grilled chicken, you can find just about anything at one of the Seaquariums’s seven food vendors. At an average price of under $10 for a full meal, you can stay and enjoy without worrying about your wallet! If you wish to be part of the Dolphin Encounter or Dolphin Odyssey, appropriate attire must be brought and reservations made ahead of time. Make sure you come with comfortable shoes and sunscreen, and plan to spend at least an entire day exploring all of the wonders that the Miami Seaquarium has to offer!

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