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Miami Childrens Museum

2850957510_79ec646fb9If you live in the Miami area or are planning a trip and need to find activities for you and your children the Miami Children’s Museum may be just what you need. This museum was founded over twenty years ago but was expanded in September of 2003. With the vision of forward thinking community leaders, the museum is set up to be a place of growth and development for you and your children. Many of the activities are designed to encourage and strengthen the relationship between you and your child. If you live in the area and have never been now is the time to really start to focus on your children and their future. The experience there is something that they will not soon forget.

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Popular Activities

One of the more popular permanent activities at the Children’s Museum is the Castle of Dreams. This two story sandcastle lets you child climb and explore see sands from around the world. A truly interactive experience your children can play and grow in this life sized sandcastle. Next up is the Bank exhibit. You and your child can walk through a huge six foot piggy bank while you spend time learning about money. Lessons on how to save and earn money as well as spending activities give your a children a chance to learn about experience what money is. You can also work together with your child to design your own currency.

Another permanent exhibit that is always popular is the Health and Wellness Center. Here you can discover how healthy habits and good nutrition have a positive effect on your lives overall. If you child is in to pets take a visit to the Pet Center. Here they can see what the proper way to care for an animal is. In addition there are lessons on what goes on at the vet as well as activities to guide you though picking the perfect family pet. Next up is the Safety Zone. Here your child gets to take a real look at the work of policeman, fireman, as well as doctors and medical technicians. They can become real life heroes and drive a firetruck up to rescue people from a burning building.

General Information

All of this is to educate your child on how important police and fireman are to our everyday lives. Journey on to the Supermarket where you can show your child what shopping is like. Watch as they move up and down the isles and pick out what groceries they want. They can then move to the check out area where they can purchase the groceries that they picked up.

These are only some of the permanent exhibits that you can find at the Miami Children’s Museum. In addition there are also non permanent, seasonal exhibits that rotate in and out. The one thing I learned from going to the Miami Children’s Museum is that if you truly want to enjoy it you are going to need to take more than one trip. For me and my children this was one of the most rewarding experiences we have ever had. They still talk about some of the lessons that they learned while there. Many of the things that they could see and interact with on a real way continue to stick with them.

If you value your child’s development you should take them there if only for a day. Once inside I know you will want to go back for more. Even if you do not enjoy it it is inevitable that your child will find something that sparks an interest inside them and because of this it makes any trip there worth it. Educators as well may find significant value in taking a class trip here.