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Mansion Club in Miami

South Beach in Miami, Florida is known around the world for its incredible nightlife and hot clubs. On any given night of the week, revelers can be sure to find something exciting happening in this bustling section of Florida’s hottest city. And if you want the hottest of the hot, you can’t do much better than Mansion Club; in fact, Mansion has been dubbed “Miami’s Hottest Club” by the widely read and hugely popular People Magazine. A famous celebrity haunt and incredible location offering the finest that South Beach has to offer, Mansion is a must see if you truly want to experience some incredible Miami nightlife.

What to Expect

So what is Mansion all about? The first thing that is sure to impress visitors to Mansion is its sheer size. At over 40,000 square feet, Mansion is large enough to accommodate a huge number of customers, which always consists of some of the coolest and most well dressed – and well groomed – people around. Mansion boasts fives rooms on two levels. There are four spectacular dance floors to choose from, and five exceptional bars to order some of the hottest drinks that you can find anywhere.

There’s so much more to Mansion than its size, though. The amazing decor and style of the place affords it a unique and exclusive ambiance that you would be hard pressed to find anywhere else. It is themed around its name, and the premises are decorated with fine, exposed brick walls which are tastefully and artfully adorned with oil paintings. Adding to the mansion theme are several incredibly beautiful chandeliers. When you are inside Mansion club, you will not be able to forget it! There is truly no place else like it.

Mansion’s decor is not the main draw that attracts its legendarily long lines, though. The best and most popular aspect of Mansion has to be its phenomenal music. With its four dance floors, Mansion has something for everybody when it comes to music and dance beats. Some of the hottest DJs in the country perform at Mansion on a regular basis, ensuring club goers the best dancing experience that they could hope to find in South Beach. The sound and lighting systems at Mansion are absolutely top of the line, as well, further adding to the incredible atmosphere.

Celebrity Sightings

And any review of Mansion would not be complete without talking about the incredible number of world famous celebrities who routinely grace the hot nightclub. Mansion is known for having several VIP areas, and this ensures that the celebrity presence is frequently very high. Anyone from famous rap artists and musicians to instantly recognizable big name celebs from the big screen and television are hanging out at Mansion at any given time. You are also quite likely to see some of the hottest faces in the modeling industry at Mansion, as well as A-list designers. Mansion has even had a former head of state pay a visit; former President Bill Clinton once stopped in!

Another great feature of Mansion club is its second floor balcony. From this great vantage point, you can take a breather and watch the festivities and dancing down below. If you have danced for hours and need a break, or just feel like relaxing for a couple of minutes but want to make sure you are entertained, head up to this fantastic balcony and take in the atmosphere of Mansion from a whole other angle. There are eight platforms down below where scantily clad dancers are known to strut their stuff, and this can be another entertaining sight to take in.

How to Get In

If you are planning a night out at Mansion club, there are a couple of tips and things to keep in mind. First of all, definitely try to get on a guest list; otherwise, you will end up spending a good portion of your time outside the club. Another way to get in quickly is to get a table, but that does come with a very hefty price tag. You absolutely must dress tastefully but exquisitely; make sure your hair (and makeup, etc) are in top condition and well-styled. If you are a guy, make sure to surround yourself with some female friends or you can forget getting in.