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Magic Kingdom

The Magic Kingdom theme park in Disney World, Florida, is an amazing place to visit when on vacation in Florida. It combines fun with adventure to bring you a truly exciting experience. Main street comes to an end at the Cinderella Castle, where you can eat dinner with characters such as Mickey Mouse and, of course, Cinderella. Famous rides such as Pirates of the Caribbean and The Haunted Mansion are sure to be fun for kids and adults of all ages.

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Park Layout

The Magic Kingdom is divided into five areas. They are as follows: Tomorrowland, Space Mountain and Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin are two of the best rides in this area, Fantasyland, this site claims home to many assorted shops and the Cinderella Castle, Frontierland, the two biggest rides here are Splash Mountain and Thunder Mountain, Liberty Square, the kid friendly Haunted Mansion lies here, and Adventureland, the Pirates of the Caribbean ride is one of the most widely visited rides in all of Disneyworld.

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Other Disney parks include the Animal Kingdom and Epcot.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit depends on what you’re looking for. If you love celebrations, holidays, and decorations, but don’t mind the heavy crowds, then Christmas through New Year’s would certainly be the best time. If you have a kid or two in tow or you just don’t like crowds, then January, September, and the week before Christmas are the times of year that you will most enjoy.

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Discount Tickets

There are only a few ways to get discounts on your tickets for the Magic Kingdom. They tend to be a bit cheaper if you book them alongside your hotel. Park Hopper tickets are probably the best option if you are going to be in Disney World for a few days. The longer you are going to be visiting the Magic Kingdom, the lower the prices per day are. For example, with kids aged 3-9, prices per day with a 7-day ticket are only $27.57, and with people ages 10 and over, tickets per day with a 7-day ticket are only $32.57. Prices usually drop during the summer with the Summer Special.

Some people also get free Disney tickets from timeshare seminars.