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Huguenot Memorial Park

3397941212_b3215db5f9For those who enjoy the beauty of nature or perhaps happen to be bird enthusiasts, Huguenot Memorial Park in Jacksonville, Florida is the place to be. Featuring fun for the whole family, this park stretches across 295 acres, 400 feet of which run parallel to a beach. Located near a variety of other tourist hot spots in Jacksonville, making a hop, skip and jump over to Huguenot is definitely recommended. Join a number of other tourists, and even locals, who find this place to be fascinating, fun and absolutely breathtaking. Enjoying nature at it’s best is certainly the way to be when enjoying your vacation. The park is, for the most part, quiet and relaxing with a few activities for people of all ages to enjoy.

When visiting Huguenot Memorial Park, be sure and bring a set of binoculars to view the various local birds which find their sanction here. You can choose to make this trip a family friendly one and with very little costs. Choose to spend the night within the park by setting up at one of the various campgrounds. Enjoy eating as a family at one of the picnic grounds and let the youngsters play on the playground equipment. There are restrooms close by for your convenience as well as trash barrels so that you can pitch in and do your part to keep the park clean by throwing away your trash.

If you enjoy the water, you can enjoy a day out on a boat or perhaps haul in a good catch after a day of fishing. Many fathers and sons can be seen along the water’s edge, fishing pole in hand enjoying the weather and the beauty of their surroundings. For those who are more on the athletic side, there is a volleyball area for you to break loose and let off some energy.

Don’t fear the thought of getting hungry. Huguenot comes equipped with a concession stand for your convenience so you can grab a bite to eat along your nature observation. There are also drinking fountains in order for you to quench your thirst. Lifeguards are set up along the beach to ensure your safety and the beach features a softer sand which is easier on your feet.

When visiting Huguenot, be sure and keep alcohol off the premise. This is for your safety as well as the safety of other visitors. In order to make this park a completely family friendly place, alcohol is prohibited. If you plan on spending the night in the park, you’re in luck. There is a store complete with food and firewood available. It is recommended that you bring a cooler to keep food fresh and that you bring appropriate clothing based on temperature. You should always pack a sweater or jacket for the just-in-case situations of course.

The park is well kept up after, extremely clean and the land is well preserved for the benefit of the local wildlife, such as the birds, and of course, for the visitors as well. Keep pets on a leash in respect for fellow visitors and the residential animals. You can buy foods that need to be cooked since there are barbecue pits set-up which makes for a nice hot meal during your stay.

While there are waves, there is nothing so out of control that you need to worry. Take your kids out in the water for a nice cool dip or float upon your boogie board as you let the serene rhythm of the water relax you. No matter what you choose to do during your stay at Huguenot, there is a friendly staff and family friendly ideas for everyone. The beauty and calmness of the area is enough to make it an extra special stay for couples as well. Enjoy the quiet sound of the lapping water during the night as you snuggle close to the one you love or let it gently lull you to sleep.