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Thanks to Florida’s popularity as a vacation spot, hotel seekers have an abundance of hotels to choose from. The wealth of hotels really makes it a “buyers market.” The hotels near popular tourist attractions compete fiercely for guests. As such, it is easy to find extremely good deals on hotel rooms all over the state.

Do yourself and take the time to research hotels before you make your reservation. Spending just a few hours to compare prices and offers will go a long way. This is especially true in areas near the major theme parks in the states. Some of the more expensive hotels may offer free tickets, discounted ticket price, and/or free transportation to and from the parks.

Hotel Types
The variety of hotels in Florida go from one end of the spectrum to the other. There are a number of extremely old hotels from years gone by, lavish hotels that border on the line of being a resort, and even a number of themed hotels. It all depends on where you want to stay and how much you want to spend.

Since Florida is a major family vacation spot, it is very easy to find kid friendly hotels. By kid friendly I don’t just mean they having a swimming pool. Many kid friendly hotels will have mini kitchen units, kids programs, and maybe even a babysitting services. Obviously these types of services will increase the price of the hotel, but are well worth it.

The price of hotels in Florida depend on a number of things. The two major deciding factors on price for Florida hotels is location and view. Hotels that are closer to the beach or a particualr tourist attraction will charge a premium. However, these hotels still have stiff competition, so if you shop around and make reservations in advance, you can usually get a pretty good deal.

Here are some average hotel prices for popular Florida Destinations:

The average rate for a good hotel near the Disney/Epcot/MGM studio area will run you about $60 – $130 a night during the summer months.

Looking to get some sun in Key West? Be ready to pay about $100 – $175 a night in the summer.

Want to visit the old Florida and get a taste of its history in St. Augustine? Rooms here start at around $80 a night.

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