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Hostels are not as popular in the states as they are in places like Europe and the other Americas. You will be hard pressed to find a hostel near any major tourist attraction or anywhere near the destination. If you do, expect to pay the same amount as you would in a budget hotel. That said, there are a handful of hostel strung out across the state.

Most of the hostels in Florida are on the outskirts of old beach towns like St. Augustine and Tampa. Most of these hostels are more like basic bed and breakfasts than traditional hostels.

Whats Offered at the Hostels

Many of the hostels in Florida are pale in comparison to those of Europe and many of those in the Americas. What amenities you get at any given hostel in Florida is hot or miss. Some hostels offer all the basic backpacker necessities like a kitchen, free small breakfast, luggage storage, and more.

A number of the hostel also allow camping, but again, this is hit or miss. Your best bet is to call the hostel in advance and see what they offer.

Basic Costs of Hostels
The average price of a hostel in Florida usually runs around $20 to $30 a night for a coed and same sex room.

Not many of the hostels in the state of Florida offer single or private rooms.