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Getting from Orlando to Port St. Lucie

Port St. Lucie is a city in southern Florida on the east coast near the Atlantic Ocean. Getting to Port St. Lucie from Orlando (a central tourist city in Florida) is fairly easy. Why forgo that one day escape (or however many days you plan to leave) and head down to Port St. Lucie? Well, once you get to the city you’ll see why. Port St. Lucie offers a variety of activities from golfing to fishing. Whether you decide to go with friends or take the family, Port St. Lucie offers a relaxing atmosphere for an enjoyable experience. If you are deciding to visit Port St. Lucie here are some options:

By Plane

While you can’t get directly to Port St. Lucie by plane (the city is relatively small and does not have a major airport) the best option would be to fly to Orlando, Florida and go from there. Orlando is relatively close to Port St. Lucie—about 125 miles north, north west of the resort town, so getting to from Orlando to Port St. Lucie by a mode of transportation other than a plane is simple.

By Bus

There is no direct public transportation available from Orlando to Port St. Lucie. However, if you are meeting someone there that can pick you up or you happen to have extra money for a taxi, you can take a bus from Orlando to Fort Pierce, Florida. Fort Pierce is located just north of Port St. Lucie and is about 15 miles away (about 20-25 min taxi ride).

Bus tickets can be purchased online at Greyhound’s website for anywhere between 30-40 dollars. The bus ride takes about 3 hours to get from Orlando to Fort Pierce, and with the additional taxi ride after word you would probably be looking at a combined travel time of around 4 hours. So if a bus ride is your only option, it would might be best to have somebody pick you up at Fort Pierce once you get there. Taking a bus from Orlando to Port. St. Lucie is really not the best option if you are going there. It usually takes longer by bus and the cab ride after could be quite expensive. While it is an option, it’s probably not the best solution.

By Car

The best possible option for getting to Port St. Lucie from Orlando is by car. If you happen to be in Orlando and have a car (or decide to rent one) and want to get out of the city for a day or two, taking a drive is your best bet. By car, you can be in Port St. Lucie from Orlando in roughly two hours depending on traffic. It’s really easy to get there as well.

Simply take the ramp to I-4 West then proceed to get off exit 77 for the Florida Turnpike that goes south, heading towards Miami. After merging onto route 91, continue south (about 116 miles) until exit 142, Port. St. Lucie. Once you get off the exit, simply take your next left (drive about a mile) onto Bayshore Blvd. and you’re there! It’s that easy if driving by car. Most of the drive is on the Florida Turnpike, so you won’t have to mess around with complicated directions.

If you feel you would rather go a different route and have a Tomtom, or GPS system in your car you can punch in the zip code of where you are at in Orlando, and find the zip code for your destination at Port St. Lucie and get there worry free. If you do not have a GPS device simply get on the web and check the directions yourself. Now you know that getting from Orlando to Port St. Lucie is fast and easy, so go enjoy that family vacation or weekend getaway.