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Getting from Orlando to Miami

If you are planning a trip down to Orlando and want to also include Miami in your vacation there are many different ways that you can get there. While there is quite a bit of distance between Miami and Orlando, it can be closer than you think. This is especially true if you take the time to do the research and find the most appropriate way to get there. The distance between Miami and Orlando is little over 200 miles. This distance means that if you either leave late at night or early in the morning the actual trip should not cut into your relaxation time at all. Depending on how fast you want to get there and how much you are willing to pay there are several different options open to you.

By Car

By far the easiest way to get from Orlando to Miami is to simply drive there. One of the biggest benefits of driving is that you can set your own schedule. If you have a family being able to stop when you want, eat when you want, and travel when it is convenient is a very large draw. The best way to make the most out of this journey is to set out before sunrise or later in the evening. The drive should take about 4 hours to make, so if you leave at 6:00 am you can easily be on the beach before noon. If you decide to head out in the evening find a hotel that will let you check in after midnight. Pack the kids in the car and they can sleep the whole way down.

One of the main cons of driving down is the cost. You have to pay for gas and the cost of the rental vehicle. If you were not planning on renting a car while in Orlando this could be a significant expense, but if you have already rented a vehicle or are planning on renting one the cost of the gas is not significant when compared with other methods. Just be sure that there is no added charge for mileage on the rental.

By Shuttle or Bus

Another option is to take a shuttle or a bus down to Miami. There are several companies that run daily transportation from Orlando to Miami. Many of these shuttles can run for as low as $35. This option is great if you are in Orlando by yourself or with a small group. Some of the shuttles run in the morning and others in the evening. The best thing about taking is a shuttle is that you do not have to worry about driving and getting lost. Just pay up, take a little nap and the next thing you know you are in Miami.

Suggested Shuttle Services:
CWS Tours
CBC Transportation
Florida Sunshine Shuttle

There are a couple of cons to taking a shuttle however. If you have a large group it is not nearly as cost effective as driving on your own. Plus transporting children on a shuttle can be a hassle. The trip is fairly long and keeping them well behaved for the entire journey is very difficult. The other thing is that some of the shuttles are not direct from Orlando to Miami. These stops along the way can make the journey even longer than it would be if you were to just drive.

By Plane

Another option to get from Orlando to Miami is to fly. If you are really looking to get there in a hurry this is the best option. The flight is less than an hour and several carriers run flights regularly. Many times the prices on these flights is extremely low when compared with other flight options.

This method is not the best for many people. The cost is significantly higher than it would be if you drove and the time you make up is minimal. You will be on a strict schedule with very little flexibility. Add onto that the wait time and additional hassle of the security checks at the airport and you really are not saving a whole lot by traveling this way. In the end though it is up to you to decide which is the best mode of travel. Unlike many trips there are plenty of options for you to get from Orlando to Miami.