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Getting Deals in Florida

Because many people come to Orlando to visit Disney World are usually families on vacation, many of them are often looking for ways to save money. They are looking for any sort of deal they can find to make their vacation dollars go farther. For some families, this means making many of their own meals and only eating out every few days. For others it might be doing things like not buying souviners or going shopping. For most families though, all they are looking to do is score a cheap flights to Orlando and find some cheap hotels in Orlando.

For families that are flying into Orlando from out of state and want to save money by not renting a car, finding a cheap hotel near Disney is a very important factor. Unfortunately, Disney World hotels don’t always come cheap. That said, if you can manage to find a good all inclusive deal or make your reservations well in advance, you might still be able to save some big bucks.

Some families that drive down to Orlando can’t help but notice all the signs along the way the promise free and discount tickets to all of the major theme parks in Florida. While these offers my sound like a good deal, let me promise you that they are not worth it. This is especially true if you are on a family vacation with young children. Many of these deals require that you sit through a timeshare presentation. These can last several hours and sometimes take up your entire day. If you have young kids that you have to bring along, then your day can quickly go South.

That said, if you are just a group of friends heading to Orlando for a weekend or a few days and don’t mind wasting half of one of your vacation days listening to a sales pitch, these deals can be pretty sweet. The only real catch is that many of them require a credit card to verify your age and that you are of 26 years of age.