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Get to Houston for the Final Four

Living in Florida when you’re a sports fan has lots of perks. It’s not just about the great weather pretty much year-round that means you can play outside on a regular basis, it’s also about the sports teams that call Florida home – either all the time or just for Spring Training.

But what if you’re kind of tired of Spring Training, or you just prefer basketball to baseball in the first place? The good news is that there’s still time to travel to the Final Four games in the NCAA men’s basketball tournament and get your basketball fix while escaping the whole Spring Training thing at the same time.

There are all kinds of reasons for traveling the world – and traveling to see different sporting events is by no means an uncommon one. Sports vacations are, for some, the only way they’d ever get on a plane! While it’s true that heading to Houston for the Final Four isn’t exactly exotic (especially when you’re only visiting from Florida), but it’s an opportunity to get out of town for a little vacation and catch some great college basketball while you’re at it.

It may be tougher to find cheap air tickets into Houston at the moment, given that the games are imminent, but it never hurts to check out last minute travel deals to Houston – sometimes airlines and hotels are scrambling to fill up empty seats and rooms and offer them at bargain prices. Given how many unexpected upsets happened in this year’s tournament, there may be more than a few fans who are cancelling their plans.

photo roy.luck