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Florida is well known for beaches, theme parks and entertainment. Many who travel to Florida have also found themselves attracted to GatorLand, better known as the “Alligator Capital of the World”. Of all the places there are to visit in Florida this has become a very popular attraction among both tourists and locals. This natural habitat features, not only various local and international wildlife such as crocodiles and alligators, it also features a water park area that is fun for both children and adults of all ages. GatorLand has fast become a highly popular park to visit in Orlando, Florida. For those who plan on taking their vacation in Orlando and visiting theme parks such as Disney World or Universal Studios, keep in mind that GatorLand is only a few minutes away and all of the animals and staff are just waiting to entertain you, your family and your friends.

GatorLand is located just a short distance away from the most popular theme parks such as Disney World, Universal Studios and Sea World. Featuring 110-acres of wildlife and adventure, this park sits ideally close to the Kissimmee border. Family entertainment has been this parks main feature since opening in 1949 by featuring displays of crocodiles straight out of the jungles of Asia, Africa, South America, and of course, or locally loved crocs and gators as well.

What to Expect

Whenever you visit GatorLand, be sure to pack a bathing suit because water filled fun is something that visitors will find plenty of. There are many sights to enjoy such as the Gator Wrestling show which allows guests to sit on an alligator’s back. This is completely safe of course since the alligator’s mouth is harnessed shut and there is always a professional staff member keeping an eye on things. A photo of you sitting on a gators back is definitely a cool treat to take back home with you and show to friends and family. For the nature lover in you, take a walk through the park simply enjoying the sights or stop by the petting zoo and get to know all the lovable animals one by one.

Perhaps you’ll feel a tingle run up your spine as you take a safe and yet exciting journey through the Snakes of Florida where you are able to view some of the world’s deadliest snakes such as water moccasins, coral snake and the well feared diamond back rattle snakes. You may find yourself hungry during your journey which is great since you can take a delicious bite out of some alligator nuggets or ribs. As you continue along, you will find that you are not the only one who is apparently hungry. Watch the alligators as they literally “leap” for joy as they await their daily meal.

GatorLand in Orlando offers a unique experience for friends and family alike. As though enjoying the animals is not quite enough, appreciate some cool down time as you get drenched under the number of waterfalls that continuously pour down out of the beaks of over-sized egrets or giant alligators with water guns mounted on their backs. This park is so popular due to the fact that it combines the fun and entertainment of a theme park combined with the natural beauty of a nature trail and zoo combined.

If you plan on taking a trip to Orlando in Florida, be sure and stop by GatorLand while you are in the area. Be sure and set aside at least a half of a day to get through the entire park. Be prepared to get hungry on your adventure. Although the park offers authentic alligator meats, there are also more traditional fast foods that everyone is used to. You can expect a number of helpful and friendly staff to be waiting along the way to guide you and answer any questions that you might have.