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Florida Travel Tips

Florida is a great family vacation spot. Just about everywhere you go in Florida you are able to find a plethora of family friendly hotels and activities. I’m not just talking about Disney world hotels either. There are tons of great family vacation spots all over the state. But, because Florida is such a popular family vacation spot, planning a vacation here can turn into a headache real quick. Trying to find the best deals on hotels or flights is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to things that can really start to drive you crazy when dealing with the logistics of vacation planning. Here are a few simple tips to hopeful make your vacation planning go a little smoother:

Hotels Near Attractions
When looking for hotels near major attractions like Disneyworld Hotels, don’t be afraid to to look at hotels that are a little further away. These hotels might add a few extra minutes of travel time to your trip but could end up saving you a good bit of cash. More times than not the only thing that you are really sacrificing at staying at hotel that is a little further away from the attraction is a free shuttle service. So, if you are already renting a car for your vacations, why not save some many by staying a few extra miles away from the attraction?

Finding Cheap Flights

If you live out of state, odds are you will probably be flying to Florida and renting a car for the duration of your vacation. Getting a good deal on a flight can go a long way in determining how much money you will have left over for your “vacation spending money.” Finding a good deal isn’t as hard as you might think. There are just a few little things to keep in mind when searching for deal.

The first thing to think about is flying into major cities versus smaller ones. Try looking for airline tickets to Orlando rather than flights to Tampa. You might end up having to drive more than you want, but you could probably still save a nice chunk of change. If you are heading to South Florida, try looking for cheap flights to Miami first. This airport gets a lot more traffic than surrounding airports and will probably have the lowest fares around for this side of the state.

None of these tips are rocket science, but they will go a long way to help you save you some money for your family vacation to Florida.