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Florida in January

January is a lovely month to explore the sites without the crowds and the rush of the holidays. With a mild weather year round, Florida doesn’t lack tourists during this time of the year. With some luck, it’s warm enough to enjoy sunbathing.


The mild weather also makes possible to walk around in t-shirts in January, but it’s always colder in Northern and Central Florida. The beaches to the south – i.e. West Palm Beach , Miami- are warmer than those in the north.

Some temperatures:
Daytona Beach avg high 69F / avg low 47F
Disney World avg high 69F / avg low 49F
Key West avg high 75F / avg low 65F
Miami avg high 76F / avg low 60F
Orlando avg high 72F / avg low 50F
Tampa avg high 70F / avg low 50F
West Palm Beach avg high 75F / avg low 57F

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Flights and accommodation in January in Florida

Walt Disney World is usually moderately crowded during the first week of January and there are fewer crowds during the last part of the month. So if you happen to have some free time and want to pay Mickey a visit, it’s a good idea to do it now. Airfare is cheaper than during December or other peak travel times. But, since Florida is a popular destination year round, make sure to book the hotel ahead of time. You can consider staying in a hostel or even choosing a vacation rental , particularly if you travel with a group of friends.

What to do

On January 28 make sure to be in Tampa for the Gasparilla Pirate Festival. If you love pirates then you’ll definitely enjoy this day. Watch the parade and catch the trinkets and doubloons that the pirates through into the crowd.

Although the Christmas lights are history by now in most cities, it’s not the case of St. Augustine. You can still see the superb lights until the end of January. Plus there are other activities available.

Since the rush of the holidays is over, you can now visit Walt Disney World, Universal Studios and SeaWorld at a slower pace, without bumping into crowds. Take your time to soak up the fairy-tale settings and enjoy the attractions.

Although the Keys are very touristy, there will be always something romantic to do. Key West’s Old Town has its own charm and walking hand in hand on the beach is always a relaxing thing to do.

You really don’t need a special reason to go shopping, do you? So, if you are in Miami, do some “cardio” when looking for bargains and in between checking out the excellent restaurants.

Any beach destination in Florida has something charming to show visitors. So rent a car and explore the State at your own pace. You might be lucky and the weather is warm enough to allow for sunbathing.

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