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Florida in December

December in Florida is all about preparing for Christmas and getting into the holiday spirit. Especially if you travel with kids, head to the theme parks for some interesting adventures. If you are not after that kind of fun, then see the Christmas lights in the beautiful cities or just soak up the sun. Do your last minute shopping and enjoy the outdoors.


The mild temperature of the State extends to the winter months and although it’s pleasant to walk around in t-shirt and sometimes it’s warm enough to sunbath expect colder spells in Northern and Central Florida. It is always warmer on the coast than inland.

Some temperatures:
Daytona Beach avg high 70F / avg low 50F
Disney World avg high 71F / avg low 51F
Key West avg high 76F / avg low 67F
Miami avg high 77F / avg low 61F
Orlando avg high 73F / avg low 61F
Tampa avg high 72F / avg low 52F
West Palm Beach avg high 76F / avg low 59F

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Flights and accommodation in December in Florida

The week between Christmas and New Year’s Eve is always crowded at Disney World, but the weeks leading to Christmas are not as crowded. And this is true for almost all attractions in the area. While if you fly within Florida, the airfare is the same during the entire year, when you fly from another State or country, expect higher fares around Christmas.

Make sure to book the hotel in advance, as this is one of the busiest and most expensive time of the year. Consider staying in a hostel or even getting a vacation rental , particularly if you travel with a group of friends.

What to do

The Festival of Lights in Silver Spring lasts from mid December to the end of the year and is a heaven for those who enjoy lights displayed in interesting ways.

Of course, Walt Disney World is filled with Christmas decorations and there are plenty of activities and fun things happening. It’s a place to take the kids for a special Christmas. Or it can be a romantic escape for those still kids at heart.

Universal Studios Orlando is home to Macy’s holiday parade every single day during December. Other holiday events take place within the park, as well.

At SeaWorld Orlando, the kid can embark in the Polar Express Experience, which will definitely transport you into the spirit of the holidays.

Gaylord Palms Resort in Kissimmee offers the Ice and Snow experience, which is a very interesting winter wonderland with interactive attractions. It’s cold inside but those who love snow will be very happy.

The oldest city in Florida, St Augustine becomes a magical city as the Christmas lights are turned on in mid December. Other related activities are available.

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