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Flights to Florida

Florida is a popular vacation destination by boat, plane and car. The state offers plenty of things to see and do. From world class amusement parks to popular beaches, Florida has a little bit of everything. It is this wealth of attractions that keep people coming back to Florida whenever their vacation days add up.

While driving in a popular way to get to Florida if you live in the South East, not everyone has that luxury. As such, flying is the next best way to get there. Florida has one international airport and is situated between two of the most popular international aiports in the South East, Atlanta and Miami.

As with any airline, prices depend on the time of year and how far in advance you book the tickets.

Here are some tips for finding cheap airfare to Florida:

  • Find out which airlines use the Florida airports as hubs. If any particualr airline has frequent flights to and from a certain airport in Florida, there will be more offers and special deals available.
  • If it’s possible, schedule your flight in midweek. While the weekends are busy because of the limited vacations most travelers get, Mondays are preferred by business travelers, which means airlines don’t need to worry about the seats on theses flights filling up. By scheduling your flight on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday could save some money on your ticket to Florida.
  • Try to visit Florida during the shoulder season (one or two week before or after the high season, which lasts from December to April in the beach resorts areas). Check out Vacations in Florida for more information about the tourist season.
  • Compare the prices between direct flights to your destination and flying into another city and then taking a domestic flight. Sometimes flying into Miami and then taking a domestic flight to Orlando will be cheaper than flying directly to your destination.

  • Book your seat as soon as the fare sales come up for the dates you are interested in. Depending on the airline, that might mean 4 or 5 months prior to the vacation date.