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Family Friendly Things to do in the Key West

2064309028_bc090c6969Planning a family vacation to Key West, but aren’t sure what to do other than enjoy the beach and the famous sunsets? While many adults are probably very content doing just that, kids aren’t. As a result, it is important that you squeeze in some family friendly activities during your vacation to make sure everyone enjoys them selves as much as possible. below are a collection of family friendly activities. Most of these suggestions are exciting or interesting enough to keep that whole family entertained and interested.

If you are on a real budget, I suggest checking out our list of free things to do in Key West. There you will find all kinds of cool stuff to do that will really make your vacation dollars go far, which is always great for families!

Old Town

Old Town is a great family friendly location in the Key West. It’s been featured on a number of popular channels, including the Discovery Channel and the Travel Channel. Old Town is a popular and fun neighborhood with lots to see. Take advantage of the exciting tours they offer that can be completed on foot or using a bicycle. The best tour is the neighborhood ghost tour which is great for kids and adults alike. You can rent bicycles at Old Town for the entire family for a small price, opening the whole area up to you to experience within a few hours.

Ripley’s Museum

The Ripley’s Museum is a must-stop while you’re in Key West. Kids love this museum which features a huge collection of oddities and fun exhibits. At the Ripley’s Museum you’ll see a stuffed white buffalo, which only occurs once in about 10 million buffalo born. There’s also an intricate carving made out of camel bone, an exhibit of Rodney Fox, who won a battle with a Great White, and a car covered with 10,000 dimes. These are just a few of the wacky things you’ll find at Ripley’s. Also be sure to stop at their website for a coupon.

Glass bottom Boat Tour

Try taking a glass-bottom boat tour with Discovery. You’ll enjoy the only underwater viewing room in Key West, teaming with colorful sea life, coral and more. You’ll depart in a deisel powered boat, complete with an on-board snack bar, rest room, and air conditioning. The tour is an exciting view of the underwater life in Key West and sure to be a hit.

Smathers Beach

A must-see spot for families in Key West is Smathers Beach. This half-mile long beach has everything you need to enjoy a sunny day, including picnic tables, concession stands and clear, clean water. Admission to the beach is free so make sure you take the whole family while you’re on the south side of Key West.

Southernmost Scavenger Hunt

You can also stop at the scavenger hunt at the La Concha Hotel. This is a fun way for everyone to enjoy the trip to Key West, guiding you on a fun tour that’s completely interactive. You can compete against other teams or families if you want to win prizes or just play for fun.

Conch Train Tour

This 90 minute train ride is a fun way to enjoy your visit to Key West. It’s one of the most popular attractions in Key West for families and has been running since 1958. You’ll get a fun tour of the area that takes you by locations like the aquarium, Harry S. Truman’s house and Dry Tortugas National Park. Make sure you check the schedule when you’re in Key West so you don’t miss your chance to ride the Conch Train Tour.

Butterfly and Nature Conservatory

The conservatory, also called the Butterfly House, is on Duvall Street and has hundreds of amazing, beautiful butterflies on display. This exhibit is a great family friendly stop that anyone can enjoy. There’s a learning center for the kids as well. The Butterfly House has often been voted the number one attraction in Key West so make sure you don’t miss it. You can even visit their website for a free, live webcam of the butterflies.

Fort Zachary Taylor Historic State Park

This park isn’t like any you’ve been to before; this state park is a beach, a landmark in the area since it was designated a state park in the 1970’s. The fort here was built during the 1800’s to defend the coastline and was completed in 1966. It was used often during two wars and is a great way to teach your children history. The beach also boasts plenty of opportunity for snorkeling, fishing and swimming, making it one of the best spots for families in Key West. Make sure you don’t miss a stop at this historic and beautiful location.

Mallory Square Sunset Celebration

The sunset celebration is an incredible attraction in Key West and features tons of street performers. You can also stop by the dozens of vendors on the street selling souvenirs and even art. The sunset celebration is located on Mallory Square nearby the cruise ship dock so try to avoid the crowds. Some of the performers you’ll see at the celebration will amaze you so make sure you don’t miss it. Also be sure to save room in your appetite to try the food carts along the streets. You can even stop by the psychics for an extra bit of fun. You can visit their website to find out about upcoming attractions, as well as learn about the artists and vendors in the area.

Blue Heaven Restaurant

This restaurant is great for kids because it has dirt floors and roosters that run around the area. You don’t have to wait in line and you can enjoy a fun place to eat for the whole family during an exciting day at Key West.