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Family Activities in Miami

For most people, the first thought that comes to mind when thinking of Miami is sun, surf, and party. Its long been an international melting pot of cultures and fiestas; Home to hundreds of celebrities, models, and celebrated, latin inspired nightlife. However, Miami also a lot to offer to families and children. The city isn’t just about the booze and models anymore. With an array of museums, day camps, and adventure parks kids and adults of all ages should have more fun than imagined in Miami.

The Miami Go Pass is a popular way to see some of these sights.

Parrot Jungle Island is an 18 acre wildlife park and habitat. Complete with jungle trails and an outdoor arena, Parrot Jungle Island is a favorite of many. Children are fascinated by the birds and gators as they get face to face with several hundred different species of wild birds. A petting zoo and café are also located in the park as well as a show that exhibits trained parrots and crocs.

Miami Children’s Museum is a museum featuring multi-cultural exhibits designed to educate children. Children can interact and play while being entertained by the exhibits. The museum also offers summer and day camps for children.

Miami Museum of Science and Planetarium is perhaps one of the most enjoyable education enriched museums in Miami. With hundreds of interactive exhibits, a wildlife center, a technology center, and more, children will have a blast exploring science.

Camp Live Oak is an accredited camp where children can attend day camp through the summer. Here children can learn about the Floridian environment they are in while interacting with friends. Various age levels and activities are offered such as nature photography, sleep overs, and more. All activities are designed to educate children. There are several camp varieties offered as well, such as Ocean Quest and Adventure Camp.

Biscayne National Park offers a Family Fun Fest one a month where families can enjoy hands on arts and crafts as well as snorkeling.

Miami Seaquarium has a wet/dry playground designed for children called Salty’s Pirate Playground. Kids can run and play in an enormous pirate ship.

Miami Metrozoo is the only zoo located in a sub tropic climate. Children and adults can enjoy the wonders of wildlife.

Everglades Alligator Farm is located in Everglades National Park and offers airboat rides and walking tours. Perfect for the youngsters who want to spy gators and snakes.

Everglades Safari Park , like the alligator farm offers airboat rides and an alligator show designed to educate about the Everglades and gator history.

Monkey Jungle, here kids can interact with monkeys as they stroll through lush jungle habitat created for these captive creatures. Children can also visit parrots, lemurs, and study fossils.

Fruit and Spice Park is a great place to be entertained, educated, and fed all in one walking tour. Learn about and taste hundreds of fruits and flora including over 80 varieties of bananas. Children can explore exotic tropical fruits and homemade candies that can be purchased at the gift shop.

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